'Mockingjay' Trailer Hints At A HUGE Spoiler

The final Hunger Games film comes out on November 20th, and Lionsgate has been rolling out exciting features since Comic Con, including character portraits, epic teasers, and Snapchat filters. The full Mockingjay—Part 2 trailer was released on Thursday, and it's an intense two-and-a-half minute ride. Naturally, such a big franchise with dedicated fans would set Twitter ablaze with any new piece of information, but this time it is different. The Mockingjay — Part 2 trailer shows the most climactic scenes rather than vague battle sequences like in your average Hunger Games teaser, and even contains a whole bunch of spoilers, if you know what to look for.

Duh: Major spoilers ahead. Fans of the books already know how Mockingjay is a traumatic conclusion to an epic series. Finnick tragically dies in the second revolution, having had his head bitten off (!!!) by lizard mutts. The trailer shows Finnick fighting off one of the mutts, and the precise moment where a mutt's jaw opens, but thankfully Finnick isn't in the shot.

Also in the third book of the trilogy, is the tragic death of Prim — whose name being called in the Hunger Games reaping began the whole series. The trailer shows Prim, being caught in an explosion. These moments are followed by Peeta telling Katniss that if she assassinates President Snow, the countless deaths of the Hunger Games and revolutions will not be in vain.

Naturally, people on Twitter are kind of losing it over this potential spoiler:

Thankfully, we have four months to get mentally prepared to see this sadness on the big screen. But odds are not in my favor whether or not I will be ugly-crying at this one.