'Clueless' Faison On The Film's Staying Power

I was the tender age of three when Clueless came out in 1995. I didn't know it then, but my life would forever change seven years later when I would see Clueless for the first time at 10 years old. Most of the jokes would go right over my head, but I instantly connected to the fun fashion, the crazy lingo, and the magnetic character of Cher. I would also model my Halloween costume after her for years to come. Now, 20 years after Clueless premiered, the movie is still a fan-favorite. Donald Faison, who plays Murray in the iconic movie, reveals: "I had no idea [Clueless] was going to be a hit."

Similar to many iconic films, Faison says that the cast had no idea that the movie they were filming was going to become such a fan-favorite. "I thought we were making another version of Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club," he says. "One of these high school movies that came out." It's not a stretch to say that Clueless is on par with the John Hughes movies Faison mentioned, but what he didn't realize was that Clueless wasn't going to be copying the classic '80s films, but it would join them in the vault of coming-of-age movies future generations would love.

"I had no idea that the movie would touch so many people," Faison says, sharing that he still finds it crazy that women his age (41) are still coming up to him sharing: "'That was a big part of my life growing up.'" And then there are more recent generations who have just recently discovered the movie. "I have kids who have just been introduced to the movie, who are just being introduced to Cher, Dionne, and Tai... It's great."

As for keeping up with those that made the movie happen, Faison was quick to say that he keeps in touch with "each and everyone of them." "I'm still really good friends with Breckin Meyer, who played Travis. Stacey [Dash] and I are still good friends. Elisa Donovan, who played Amber... we're still buddies," continuing on saying he still talks to Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, and Jeremy Sisto every now and then.

Faison, who says he was fresh out of New York when shooting the movie, shares that Clueless is one of his favorite movies he's ever shot. "It was a jump for all of us, so we all have fond memories," he says.

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