Netflix's Marvel Series 'Jessica Jones' Is Adored By The Creator Of The Comics & Will Fit In Perfectly With 'Daredevil'

As if I wasn't already crazy excited for the Netflix new Marvel series Jessica Jones, this has just gone and taken it to the next level. Most of us already knew that Netflix is in the middle of rolling out the highly ambitious/awesome-sounding Defenders project. In a move not unlike The Avengers movie franchise, Netflix is creating standalone TV shows comprised of Marvel super heroes, then combining them into a crime fighting team. The four superhero shows are all pretty awesome in their own right: Daredevil , Jessica Jones , Iron Fist , and Luke Cage will be rolled out one after another. Eventually, they will all be rolled into one epic Defenders series. I've already fallen head over heels for the fantastic Daredevil and was looking forward to Jessica Jones, but I was a tiny bit nervous it wouldn't be able to live up to the high standard Daredevil set.

Really, though, I should not have worried. They clearly know what they are doing, and the Jessica Jones comics creator Brian Michael Bendis knows it — because he just gave the show a very enthusiastic endorsement. Though he is not working on the Netflix show (he is a series creator on Powers) he still answered fan questions about the series, which he has already seen. On Tumblr, Bendis weighed in on the series, spilled some key series points, sang the shows praises. As Bendis wrote:

The show is so good. I have seen the first couple of episodes and because i didn’t work on it directly i can say this with full no ego fanfare: i loved it!!

and believe me, i was going to be the hardest on it. harder than any of you.

jessica is a part of my DNA. A bad jessica jones show would have hurt me deeply.

BUT it is faithful and lively and everything that I could personally have wanted from the show. the mean streets of marvel netflix from a different perspective than matt’s but at the same time… it all fits. just like the comics on their best day. and just like Netflix DD, the look of the show is cracklin’ noir but with its own palette. [...]

krysten ritter is soooo good. and michael colter. wait until you see michael colter. the casting of luke cage, in my opinion, and have said this to everyone behind the scenes, is as strong and spot on as the casting of tony stark. its probably the hardest to cast and they got it. perfect. [SIC]

Those are HIGH praises. Read the rest of Bendis' post here, or check out a breakdown below.

We Don't Have To Worry About Quality

For any lingering doubts as to if the series would be high quality. And you know, I believe him when he says he is a tough critic.

Fits In The Daredevil World

The crossover potential here is limitless. I love that Jones could walk right into Daredevil with Murdock and co., and it wouldn't raise any eyebrows.

The Casting Is Iron Man Good

Getting compared to Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man? That's got to be an ego boost.

Krysten Ritter Rocks (Duh)

Please file this under: Adorable fanboying/things we already knew.

He's Pretty Happy With It

So there you have it, folks, a ringing endorsement of the series by someone who knows it better than most. I'm glad this will be staying in the film noir, darker world of Hell's Kitchen — it sounds like a the perfect fit for a superhero as fierce as Jones.

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