Target Uses Social Media To Decorate Your Dorm

Not sure how you're going to decorate your dorm this year, or what fun things you should bring to college with you? Apparently, Target can figure out all of that for you. Using only your social media accounts. Whether you're going back to college or are starting your freshman year, it's hard to decide exactly how you want to furnish a new space that's all your own (or, ya know, shared with 1-3 other people). Well now Target can figure out your ideal dorm using social media, and will show you a complete look at your ~perfect room~. Their intention is not just to make your new space personalized, but to get to know you and pick out products you'd want based on the persona you create on the InTerRwEbZ.

The interactive quiz uses not only your answers to pick a style, but peruses the color palettes of your Instagram or Facebook to figure out a style that meshes best with you — and then, in the end, it will show you a mock up of the end result. Target is drawing from a library of products that keep a student's budget in mind. They are pulling from simple styles that students would enjoy mixing and matching.

When I was moving into college (in ye ol' 2009), Target pretty much had a monopoly on college goods. (Or maybe there was just a Target really close to my school.) But it was common knowledge that Target is where you went for sheets and a cute laundry hamper and all your other miscellaneous dorm needs. The new generation of college kids has Amazon Prime at their finger tips though, so Target needs to step their tech up a notch — hence this new platform.

Obviously the only practical thing for me to do was play the game and let Target guess my style based on my social media and a few personality questions.

Here are a couple questions Target asked me:

I answered with the image on the right.

I answered coffee shop because coffee.

See my above selections. What? I LIKE DAY DATES, okay?

And then Target told me:

(Drum Roll PLEASE)

THAT I AM A CHIC GEEK. Oui, oui, très chic.

Here's my color scheme:

Who wants to be my roommate?!

To play the game, click here. It's a great time, whether you're headed off to college or are just feelin' like it's time to redecorate.

Images: Target Back To College