'BB17's Shelli Has A Brother That Looks Familiar

Whenever I see something unsavory on Tumblr, I'm usually like... Go home, Internet, you're drunk. But then Twitter picked up on this, and now we have to talk about the really hot 23-year-old Texan elephant in the room. Big Brother 17 's showmance couple, Clay and Shelli, have been a pretty popular conversation among fans, most recently because people have realized that Clay and Shelli's brother, Lance, look kind of similar. I'll let you be the judge of that, but let's just say it's become a rather polarizing conversation for Big Brother fans.

I would like to warn you, once you see this you can not unsee it. It just doesn't work like that. Proceed at your own risk and also acknowledge that Clay has grown up a little bit from this photo and doesn't look exactly like that anymore. People on Twitter have a range of emotions about the forthcoming photo. Some acknowledge the resemblance. Some are a bit thrown off by it (thrown off meaning unsettled). Regardless of whether you see the resemblance or not, it's important to remember that Clay is a hottie with a body and I can't blame Shelli for "aligning" herself with him. Yeah, "aligning," let's call it that.

And now, the photo. *Takes deep breath. Braces self.*

Thoughts? Concerns? Wondering if there's a support group for this? Here is how others are responding to the photo.

There's Those Who Acknowledge The Similarities... And Leave It At That

Then There's Those That Have Some Words...

I really have no words other than I'm sorry. But enjoy the rest of the season! Team #Slay forever, right? In closing, I'll just leave this here...

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