9 Scenarios All Overachievers Find Horrifying

Overachiever. High-strung. Wound up. Workaholic. Maybe you see these words as a good thing, because you identify with them and love that you over deliver and are in it to win it. Or maybe you see them as a bad thing, because you're best friends with/dating/married to one of them and would really love it if they could, like, take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine and calm the f*%@ down once and a while.

A lot of the problems of this species of human have to do with time. In high school, being an overachiever meant never picking between student government and the soccer team, because you could do both. In college, it meant adding an extra club, or two, or three, and ending up with an unmanageable amount of friend groups because you were so excited about meeting EVERYONE. (It also meant you were a double major or had three minors.)

In the working world, being an overachiever is a little bit calmer. It means you're a perfectionist, you like to give your work everything you have and you're typically either the first person into the office, or the last person to leave. In short, it means you're in it to win it. Having too much work isn't daunting, but heaven forbid you shouldn't have enough. THAT'S when the wheels come off the wagon. And with that in mind, here are nine scenarios that all overachievers find absolutely horrifying:

1. When someone else has done the extraneous work to try to be nice

You really appreciate that, but, uhhhh, that's kinda your thing.

2. If you don't have time to ~go the extra mile~

99% of the time, you will MAKE time. But every so often you have 800 other places to be, so you need to only do what's required instead of a whole lot more, and that is a calamity.

3. When someone else does a group project completely wrong

And you have to fix their work, which is silly because you had already taken on most of the work and now you have to redo theirs too.

4. Not being trusted with additional responsibilities when you've worked hard to prove yourself

Please, sir, can you have more work? No, really. Please? You're down to do whatever it takes.

5. When you forget to refer to your meticulously written out to-do list

You had it all planned out, how could you not have respected the schedule?

6. When there isn't anything for you to work toward

You need goals. You like to work toward something and have a plan. If there isn't a direction, you'll find one and push forward.

7. When your S.O./friends don't understand that you're not leaving the office or the library 'til your work is as close to perfect as it can get

Your perfectionist levels are totally healthy.

8. When there's nothing to do

Where. Are. You. Supposed. To. Channel. All. Your. Energy?!?!?

9. When your friends plan an event and you didn't have a hand in the ~PLANNING~

Typically, if you're an overachiever, it means you're a planner too. You like to make the plan, review the plan, discuss the plan, dissect the plan and THEN carry out the plan. Everyone else can GO HOME. (And then hang out. With the plans WE MADE.)

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