This Star Wars Villain Is Made Out Of 300 Sex Toys

Don't deny, whether it's Han Solo, Princess Leia, or, in my case, Anakin Skywalk, there's a character in Star Wars that turns you on. So what's a good star whore to do? Build a Darth Vader statue made of sex toys, that's what.

In the latest episode of Woodrocket's "Screwing Things Up" — the web show where porn actors build weird stuff out of adult toys and products — porn starlet Kayla-Jane Danger constructs a seven foot tall replica of the dashing sith lord with the help of some friends. The trio first head to their local adult depot to stock up on materials, and then quickly get to work sanding, sawing, and repurposing their haul.

Of the over 300 sex toys used to make "Darth Vibrader," the pink lucite vibrator lightsaber and helmet made of butt plugs and flogger bits definitely stretch the limits of creative sex toy upcycling. And the best part? The team manages to maintain some functionality in their creation. Yes, the force is strong with this one, and Lord Vader's lightsaber will have all the Jedi supplicants begging for more.

Can't get enough of these pop culture-inspired sex toys? Here are three more clever, sci-fi creations:

1. Game of Thrones Dildo Chair

Yes, you read that right. Sex toy maker Bondara cobbled together dozens of imposing black dildos to build a mighty throne that you can actually sit on. Game of boners indeed.

2. Super Hung Heroes

Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes The Caped Cock, $40, Amazon

This collection is just like it sounds: a bunch of superhero-inspired rubber dildos so you can have The Incredible Hulk, Batman, Superman, and more inside you in a flash.

3. Avengers Vibrators

Artist Sarmai created a fictional set of vibrators inspired by The Avengers. They're not fully realized just yet, but with any luck, some adult manufacturer will pick these prototypes up and run with them.

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Images: Wood Rocket/YouTube; Bondara/YouTube; Doc Johnson/Amazon; Sarmai/Tumblr