The #Curvy Celebration Is Fierce On Instagram

Now that #curvy is (finally) back on Instagram, the celebratory pics are amazing. New broke earlier today that the #curvy ban was lifted, and body-positive Instagram users are killing it in their gorgeous posts. Viva la #curvy!

Given Instagram's recent history of bans, the decision to lift #curvy is a big one. The social media is now instituting a new policy to pick out inappropriate #curvy posts individually instead of banning the whole tag in response to the public backlash against the ban. Hurray and then some!

The platform's change of heart proves every single courageous and unique voice totally matters when it comes to bigger social issues. Thanks to individuals coming up with ways to challenge mainstream beauty ideals, like Instagram users creating the brilliant body-positive tag #curvee in response to the ban, or Carey Fruth's recent "American Beauty" photo series, creating a world where "beauty" is all-inclusive is totally possible!

Today is obviously a day worth celebrating, and #curvy users are definitely making the most of the hashtag. #Curvy pride is blowing up all over IG, and if you haven't scanned the tag yet today for yourself, you absolutely have to! These are some of the best pics so far.

Loving this rockin' lady's style.

And this super fun celebratory tea party look.

Or this glamorous top-knot goddess.

And this super happy #stunner in pink.

And who can't love this bo-ho chic #curvy party look?

Let the #curvy party continue!

Images: mariesouthardospina/Instagram