Kim K Stuns In Yet Another 'Vogue' Spain Image

This shoot is the gift that keeps on giving. Kim Kardashian went makeup free for Vogue Spain, and has been sharing tons of photos from the cover spread all week on social media. Just when you thought all of the fun was over, well here it comes again. She’s milking these photos for all that they're worth, and I don’t blame her for a second because they’re absolutely gorge.

In fact, she revealed yet another picture from the shoot via Instagram on Friday, and it resembles a cover because it has the magazine's logo printed across the top. The actual cover features Kardashian in a super casual moment with her chin resting on her hand, and this next image is even more up close and personal because it focuses way in on her all-natural face in another candid moment.

As it turns out, the selfie queen was apparently given no directions about how to pose (as if she needed them). Either way, she definitely knows what to do when there's a camera pointed at her, and the results are beautiful.

Check out these two images and five other times Kim K was caught without prepping in front of the camera. Makeup on or off, these unprepared moments are stunning. Sometimes candid photos are the most beautiful.

Round 1.

Round 2. I can't decide which one of these I like better!

1. Mommy Mode

She's too busy attending to North to pose for the camera in this adorable moment.

2. All Smiles

Sometimes you just have to crack a smile (even if they do cause wrinkles).

3. Dance The Night Away

It's good to let loose every once in a while!

4. Too Funny

I love the rare moments when she gets caught mid-laugh.

5. Happy Couple

So in love they forgot there were cameras around.

It's nice when the queen of self-publicity is caught unexpectedly by the camera!