Kim Kardashian Goes Without Makeup For 'Vogue' Spain In An Incredible Body Positive Move

We are witnessing an unprecedented moment in history here, people! Kim Kardashian posed make-up free on the cover of Vogue Spain, making it her first completely bare (in the face, at least) cover. And I must say that I am loving the whole au naturel thing on Kim!

She’s no stranger to Vogue covers by now, but being stripped down in this way is new for Kim K. She is absolutely gorgeous and giving us so much face. Posed with her chin resting on her hand, that ginormous wedding ring certainly takes center stage, but her fresh face is equally as stunning.

This reality star already does whatever she wants, but the sexy maternity attire she’s been wearing as of late combined with this make-up free magazine cover, Kim is truly having a moment. I’m just happy that I get to sit back and watch it all happen. Body positivity is so in right now, and Kim is becoming the queen of it, if you ask me. She’s used her position as The Queen Of The Contour to elevate her status as an advocate for body positivity through her dressing and styling — and I’m in love with this transition process.

Let’s celebrate by staring at the beauty that is Kim’s latest cover, shall we?

She's just as much of a stunner with a bare face as she is with her trusty bronzer and lengthening mascara!

You know, just chilling with no makeup on, all super casual in her thong. There's the Kim we know and love!