Sir Ian McKellan On How To Make The Best Eggs

There is apparently nothing Sir Ian McKellan cannot do. He can act with equal brilliance on both stage and screen, he can serve as an unbelievable LGBT activist, I understand he can control metal with his mind — and, of course, he can help defeat Sauron and save Middle Earth. But did you know Ian McKellan can make some delicious scrambled eggs? It's true! McKellen recently conducted his very own cooking segment on Facebook to promote his new film, Mr. Holmes. (Sidebar: it looks crazy good.)

"You're lucky," Gandalf tells us, "because these are the best scrambled eggs in the world, and like all good recipes it's a family one, from my stepmother, Gladys."

Guys, he's letting us in on a family secret recipe. We're basically all Ian McKellan's nieces and nephews right now. This will work best if we all agree that I can be his favorite.

Like everything Magneto does, his cooking show is understated, charming, and classy. He is a pro, speaking as he stirs and imparting us helpful tips and snippets of wisdom. I find it very interesting, for example, that he makes his eggs a) with butter (yum) and b) in a pot instead of a pan. Check it out...

Of course, this just makes me want more of the Ian McKellen cooking show. He doesn't need to teach me anything fancy. Scrambled eggs, salads, ramen noodles: it really doesn't matter. Can you imagine if he did this cooking show with his bestie, Patrick Stewart? OMG Derek Jacobi could be their sous-chef! Every now and then they'd need something prepped and they'd turn off camera and be like, "I say, Derek old boy, do you have those capers?" And Jacobi would come out and be like "Here they are!" and McKellen would be all "Thank you, darling. Do sit down and have some of this delicious meal with us now that it's done." Maggie Smith would be a regular guest star, obviously.

I think we we can all agree that we need some sort of letter-writing campaign to make this happen now.