All Things Fashion & Pizza With Carly Cristman

“Lou Malnati’s — hands down. Or Pequod’s Pizza in Lincoln Park.” When talking with the Chicago-born YouTube star, Carly Cristman, pizza is bound to come up in conversation. Not only do her Chi-town roots make her an expert on all things deep-dish, but also a perfect panelist for Chicago's recent Create + Cultivate conference. Cristman is on the rise in the world of fashion and beauty. Carly Cristman is a name you need to know. From her chic blog to her inspiring Instagram, this girl knows how to flaunt stylish fashion. Since starting her YouTube channel back in 2010, Cristman has become known for her fashion and lifestyle videos. She's the go-to blogger for when you need to know how to rock a killer pair of sunglasses or how to style an all-black ensemble. With a growing YouTube audience of over 230,000, Cristman is definitely on the rise. And she's kind enough to let us in on some amazing tips on how to be a sensational style blogger and trust me, you'll want to hear what she has to say.

The 27-year-old has blown up across the Internet, but she isn't stopping there. She has recently become a style correspondent for E! News, and is even launching her own clothing line in February. The line is set to feature glamorous pieces with tons of embellishment. If the line is anything like the YouTuber, it's sure to be an Internet sensation. From her pizza preferences to her favorite Instagram filters, Cristman has some great info for anyone looking to make it online.

On What Makes "Good Content" Online

Cristman currently has over 230,000 subscribers on YouTube, so she has to be doing something right. How does she push the envelope, as far as creating new content? Her system makes a lot of sense.

As for good content, I feel like the reader has to be getting something out of it,” Cristman tells me. “I always try to think about the point of the overall video, and what I want people to take away when they are watching it."

About Sharing Her Life With Thousands Of People

To most, sharing the intimate details of your personal life with thousands seems completely terrifying. However, Cristman just released a video about a major transition in her life, and was pretty explicate on the details. Her honesty was shocking, which seems to be one of the reasons that she has so many fans.

“I decided to film that video because I felt that everyone at some point in their life has some type of negative experience in a relationship whether it’s a breakup or something else. This is something that everyone has been through or will go through, and this is something that can be a helpful topic for people to share my story. And it just wasn’t the negative experiences. I went through this breakup, but through this break up is why I ended up moving out to LA, and from moving out to LA I got to work with E! News, and I have a clothing line.”

On The Dos And Don'ts Of YouTube

“If you were going to start a channel now, I would definitely know what it is you want to be posting, and really think about things before starting” Cristman says. “Also, think about the type of content that you want to be known for, and think about the style. I really think it’s best to keep it as cohesive as possible, and to truly be yourself."

On Why You Shouldn't Follow The Crowd

Cristman has some real world advice on standing out in a sea of stylish YouTubers, and how to get more subscribers while you are at it.

"If you worry about if people like your content or not, there is so much on the Internet that people want to view. For instance, if people want to view something about preppy styles, you don’t have to be the person wearing that preppy style. There are so many people doing that already, so I would say to actually be true to your style, and produce good content," Cristman says.

On Her Upcoming Clothing Line

Recently, Cristman posted a photo on Instagram of a fully sequined ensemble, and revealed that this is the first piece from her upcoming clothing line. Cristman says to expect a lot of embellishments from her line.

“There is definitely sparkle on each piece. I wanted this line to truly reflect my style. The things I like are sparkles and neutrals. I wanted it to one hundred percent me. Also, if any of my viewers are going to purchase something of mine, I wanted it to be a special piece. I wanted it to be something different than something they already owned. It would be something special that they would already pair with other items in their closet," Cristman says.

On How She Edits Her Instagram

“I really only use Afterlight and Facetune for Instagram. My go-to filter on Afterlight is the second one in. My main secret is using whiten on Facetune, and I just whiten everything that is already a white color. It makes it standout, and pop,” Cristman states. Don’t mind me, just downloading these apps to as we speak.

Her Go-To Beauty Products

Cristman admits to being a creature of habit, and rarely rotates the products in her beauty routine. Here are some of her favorites:

1. Lancôme and Dior foundations

2. Anastasia Brow Wiz

3. Lancôme mascara

4. Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow palette

On Her Excitement For The Create & Cultivate Conference Founded by Jaclyn Johnson

“I think the most exciting part about this for me is getting to engage with my readers, and getting to meet some of my viewers,” she mentions. “Especially since it’s in [my hometown] Chicago, I defiantly have the readers who came to my past events. I’m really hoping that they come to this, so that I can be reunited with them. I loved being able to interact with the people who talk to me online. It feels just so much more real getting to meet people.”

Images: Carlycristman/Instagram