JJD To Design Another Amore & Sorvete Swim Line

The 2015 bathing suit season isn’t even over, and I’m already excited for next year, especially now that Jessie James Decker's second Amore & Sorvete collection was announced for 2016. Her first collection for them was such a massive success, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the next one. Can we fast-forward to next summer, like, now?

The current JJD line for the Australian brand incorporated the singer’s sweet and sassy personal style, which is what made it such a hit. What can I say, when you have matching mommy and baby suits and backless one pieces all in one line — it sells, and I think this collection is proof of that. It also probably didn’t hurt that Decker sported her own designs a time or two. I mean, when a designer likes something they created so much that they can’t help but show it off, I’m automatically more interested. If it’s good enough for JJD, it’s good enough for me!

See the start of next year's design process, and start dreaming of the JJD suits you’ll be wearing come summer 2016. Then we can fondly look back on five times Decker wore a swimsuit from her own line. What do you say? Scroll on down!

Designing from bed? This line is off to a great start! You're more productive when you're comfy, right?

1. Gili Suit

I'm loving this olive green color on her.

2. Sunny Suit

I wish I looked that good while belly dancing!

3. Vivi Rose Suit

How cute are they in their matching suits?

4. Parker Bottoms

I can't even see the whole suit, and I still know I want it!

5. Lala One Piece

I do love a good backless one piece.

This only makes me want to see her next collection even more! Come on 2016!