This Crazy First Date Story Tops Yours

Most people probably wouldn't choose to do a physically taxing activity on a first date. Aside from getting all sweaty and gross, there's also always the chance that you could end up like these two California hikers — the couple was airlifted out of the woods after getting lost on a first date. Well, that's one way to make sure the day was memorable.

Apparently, the young pair decided to go hiking in the Angeles National Forest in Southern California. According to ABC News, the two brought along a map and a phone, but soon got lost in the trails. That's when things turned from fun and adventurous to just plain scary.

The two wandered around for a while, before they were finally able to find cell phone service. They called the Altadena Sheriff's station, which then sent a rescue crew to airlift them out of the woods. Thankfully, the couple was uninjured.

Yikes… talk about a make it or break it date. This is the kind of scenario that will tell you a lot about a person really fast. Chances are these two will either end things right away, or end up living happily ever after forever. On the bright side, if it's the latter, at least they'll have a really good first date story to tell their kids.

Either way, one thing's for sure: their story serves as further proof that first dates and exercising just don't mix.

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Image: mightyboybrian/Flickr