Would You Eat Whisky-Flavored Chicken Wings?

There are many things that make America great: freedom of speech, Laverne Cox, Fireball Whisky-flavored chicken wings... Wait, what was that last one? Did someone really think that combining cinnamon-flavored liquor and deep-fried chicken would be a good idea?

Oh yes, someone really did. Buffalo Wild Wings, that storied haven of wall-to-wall flat screen TVs blasting sports 24/7, is introducing a new sauce infused with every party girl's whiskey of choice. If you are not really a fan of the cinnamon-flavored alcohol, which admittedly tastes like a liquefied pack of Big Red chewing gum (in the best way possible, mind you), don't feel too left out — the sports bar is launching a whole host of other limited-edition boozy menu items as part of a collaboration with Boston Beer Company. According to AM New York, this includes Samuel Adams IPA-infused Caesar dressing (??), a chicken sandwich topped with Angry Orchard-flavored peach salsa (???), and "Octoberfest Beer Cheese Dippers" (????????).

I would point out that beer and cheese are the tastiest recipe for gastrointestinal disaster known to man, but somehow I doubt that the person who orders beer-battered, deep-fried cheese is going to take my advice to heart. That person is Ron Swanson, obviously.

The Fiery Apple wings remain the most notable addition to the menu, however. In addition to the Fireball, the sauce is infused with Angry Orchard hard cider to create a "fiery cinnamon and undeniable apple flavor," according to the Buffalo Wild Wings website.

So, to recap: Buffalo Wild Wings, which despite the name is far better known for its epic beer selection than its attempts at food, is coating little lumps of fried chicken with the alcohol responsible for Claire's Epic Senior Spring Break Fail, aka that time I fell off a pier into the Gulf of Mexico at 2 a.m. while fully clothed. These are going to be amazing. I can't wait.

Images: USDA Gov/Flickr; Giphy (2)