Kate Hudson Dances To 'Trap Queen' With Her Son & Their Relationship Is The Absolute Cutest — VIDEO

Look, airports are boring, and we all know it. Whether you're a regular Joe or a superstar, people-watching and moving sidewalks are only so fun for a matter of time, and then you've got to get creative if you want to avoid cabin fever during your travels. Recently while waiting for a flight, one star did just that — along with her 11-year-old son Ryder, Kate Hudson danced to "Trap Queen" by Fetty Wap. The star posted a video of the dance in an Instagram on Sunday, Jul. 26. It's the cutest, and so are they.

I'm loving this new genre of celebrity airport social media update. This new video joins the epic sing-off between the Broadway casts of Disney's The Lion King and Aladdin and the endless speculation about what the Belfast airport can reveal about Game of Thrones Season 6. It's good to see that so many celebs are choosing to make their airport downtime fun.

Also, I have got to hand it to Kate Hudson for having such a strong relationship with her her son. If I had had asked my mom for an Instagram account (or whatever the late '90s equivalent of that was) when I was in middle school and her response was "no, but you can dance with me on my Instagram," I'm not sure I would have been on board. Check out their super cute dance collab for yourself:

How fun are they? This isn't the mother and son's first project either. They previously "worked" together on a campaign for Ann Taylor with Kate Hudson's youngest son Bingham in tow. The two are also experienced travelers; they went on a mission trip to Mexico about six months ago.

The whole family seems pretty cool to be around, to be honest. Kate Hudson's mom is actress Goldie Hawn, don't forget, and the two stars always goof around in photos. Her brother, Nashville star Oliver Hudson, has kids of his own and seems just as laid-back as the rest of his family.

Other cute moments in the Hudson household that were captured online include Kate Hudson's contribution to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014, as well as a grandparent outing with colorful highlights. In 2013, the actress told Us Weekly all about Ryder Robinson's creative crafting habits.

"Ryder makes things, so he's made me this beautiful tree out of sticks, and he took shells and painted them and made them the leaves of the tree. He's quite an artist, so he made me and painted butterflies and gave them to me," Hudson said. "And he likes to make me jewelry. He's made me some bracelets that are just adorable!"

From the looks of their "Trap Queen" video, his tastes might be growing up a bit, but he seems to have the same free spirit. They just all appear to be a really great family — not to mention one with excellent music taste.