Did Kylie Secretly Introduce Us To Caitlyn Jenner?

One of the best things about the I Am Cait premiere was seeing Kylie Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner meet. It was a sweet moment between parent and child, and it really showed that Kylie embraced Caitlyn's new look. In fact, Kylie even brought some Bellami Hair Extensions from her personal collection to have Caitlyn try out. Kylie then joked about posting Caitlyn in blue hair extensions on her Instagram, because from the back you couldn't tell who it was. So, did Kylie introduce the world to Caitlyn Jenner before Vanity Fair ever did?

Well, the easy answer is: No. She didn't post that specific picture of Caitlyn rocking her teal tips. She did post a picture of that same day with her grandma Esther Jenner. But, no picture of Caitlyn and her blue hair. Keep in mind, this was around the middle or end of May, so before Caitlyn's Vanity Fair cover dropped, and before the public had met Caitlyn. Why didn't she post it, in the end? It's possible Caitlyn wasn't ready for the public to see her yet, even if she wasn't immediately recognizable. Or, let's be real, what if someone figured out it was her and started the whole media circus off before Caitlyn got to come out on her own terms?

That's not to say Kylie never instagrammed Caitlyn's blue tips. In fact, three weeks ago, she posted a shot from the footage of her meeting Caitlyn, and Caitlyn's hair is noticeably blue. It's a really sweet shot of the two of them, and I think it was best that Kylie waited to show off Caitlyn's amazing locks.

The fact that Kylie waited until she could show off Caitlyn's full look, uninhibited, is awesome, and that blue hair was totally worth the wait. Caitlyn should definitely consider making it permanent.

Image: Screengrab/E! Entertainment