How To Cope When You're Homesick At College

by Chrissa Hardy

Homesickness is a tough emotional disease to beat. It fills you with longing, sadness, and fear that the new place you are in will never compare to the place from which you came. And it can be particularly frustrating to cope with being homesick at college. This is supposed to be a fresh start for you — a new beginning. You can shake the BS high school rumors and gossip and general nonsense, and be on your own for the first time ever. You can make new friends, be the person you've always wanted to be, and figure out where you want your future to go.

But any trace of homesickness can be crippling. Every moment at college will not be filled with the adventure and excitement you should be feeling, because all you can focus on are the fun days from your past. If you entered college in a long-distance relationship, you can double up on that pain. Just like any ailment though, this will pass. You have to be open-minded about this new experience, and you need to let go of the comparisons between home and here. Here's how to be happy at college, and not the anti-social, homesick roommate you feel like right now.

1. Check in with friends and family no more (or less) than twice per week

It's important to maintain that connection you have to home, but you also shouldn't overdo it. Catch up with the rents and your hometown besties a few times a week, but try to avoid calling them everyday. They need space to do their thing, and you should be exploring your new surroundings.

2. Make eye contact with those around you

When you're sad, it's easy to walk around with your head down and disengage with the people you pass. But if you actually looked up and made eye contact with your roommates, your classmates, and everyone else you pass, you might notice that your new home is pretty stellar.

3. Put in an effort to get to know your roomies

They are curious about you, and since you're sharing such a tiny space, you might as well trade some fun facts about yourselves. You might realize that you actually have a lot in common, and that will help ease any homesickness you're feeling.

4. Go out with them (even if you aren't in the mood)

Don't lean in to the urge to stay in your sweatpants all weekend and sulk about missing your friends. You have the chance to make new friends with the person or people you're currently living with. Go grab a drink together. You might actually have a blast.

5. Order pizza and watch movies

Everyone loves pizza, and vegging out with your new roomie is a fantastic bonding opportunity. So throw on some Clueless, have a slice, and chill.

6. Make other friends outside of your roomies

While it's amazing to adore your first roommate enough to become BFFs, it's also better for your roommate relationship if you find other friends outside of your room to hang with on occasion. That way you don't get sick of each other right when the homesickness begins to fade.

Image: Flachovatereza/Pixabay; Giphy (6)