Meghan King Has More Reality Shows In Her Past

by Kayla Hawkins

Meghan King Edmonds: wife, daughter, former model, born reality TV show star. Meghan's debut season on The Real Housewives of Orange County has been delightful so far, and even makes you wonder — how is this supposed reality rookie already so great at entertaining? Well, it's probably helped by Meghan Edmonds' first reality show, Resale Royalty . That's right, even though many fans already know that Meghan once did a single episode stint on Say Yes To the Dress , her appearance on Resale Royalty is still somewhat unknown, even though if you do a little digging, it's not like Meghan has been keeping it a secret. In fact, before she was on RHOC, she would even excitedly promote RR via her Twitter and Instagram. But for whatever reason, it hasn't really come up on RHOC yet.

But there's nothing for Meghan to be embarrassed about on Resale Royalty. The show was about a Missourian chain of secondhand stores called Women's Closet Exchange (WCE), and the family members who run the business with an iron fist. I mean, the only real reason for Meghan to be shy about her appearance on the series is that she wasn't the star she was born to be just yet — she was just one of the WCE employees. But there's plenty to love about RR if you can track it down.

Meghan Is Incredibly Sassy All The Time

I mean, on RHOC she definitely speaks her mind all the time. But on RR, she is pure sass, since she's a younger and sillier person. And her facial expressions? I feel like the potential Meghan King Edmonds .Gif Collection just doubled in size.

It Shows That Sometimes Successful Careers Don't Start Right Away

Worried about going back to grad school? Want to totally shift careers but don't know how? Well the main thing you have to remember is that not everyone is successful right away, even when they're meant to be. Meghan may have been destined for reality show greatness, but on Resale Royalty, she's just one of many wannabes. It wouldn't be for years that she would become a star Housewife.

It Proves She Has Great Taste

Meghan must have a pretty good sense of style to make it into WCE, right? That, or she at least has the expensive and discerning taste to choose high-quality items.

You Can Watch Full Episodes On Youtube

All of the Resale Royalty episodes are available to buy for $2 each. Pretty reasonable, considering that Youtube usually has pretty high quality video. Ready for a marathon? Hook up your credit card and get watching. And if you don't want to pay, clips are available too.

You Can Still Watch The Antics Of The WCE

I know this post is about spreading the Meghan King Edmonds love, but what if you clicked because you love the idea of a show all about vintage clothing? Well, even though Resale Royalty is no more, there's also WCE's spinoff web series "Behind the Vault."

Any Meghan Edmonds Is Good Meghan Edmonds

RHOC episodes only come out once a week, but there's a whole season of Resale Royalty available. Call it a symptom of the binge-watching culture, call it impatience, whatever. If there's a place to watch a bunch of Edmonds on reality TV, personally, I think you should go to that place. Especially if it features scenes of her draped in Chanel bags.

Image: Vivian Zink/Bravo