19 AAPI-Owned Beauty Products Our Editors Use To The Last Drop

Including a setting spray that claims Beyoncé as a fan.

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The month of May is dedicated to spotlighting individuals with AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) heritages, and in the beauty world, there are *so* many AAPI-led brands worth talking about — this month and always. Countless beauty founders are not only proudly repping their AAPI cultures in their formulations and branding, but they’re also creating innovative products that people truly adore... including Bustle editors.

Take Glow Recipe, for example. The brand was founded by two Korean-American women — Christine Chang and Sarah Lee — and its products are inspired by K-Beauty. The line is filled with hydrating ingredients and gentle-yet-effective actives, and one editor is particularly obsessed with the new Watermelon AHA Night Treatment

ONE/SIZE, the rising beauty brand created by OG YouTuber Patrick Starrr, has had quite a few buzzy launches since its inception in 2020. The brand’s frequently sold-out On 'Til Dawn Setting Spray is not only an editor fave, but it also happened to be used by none other than Beyoncé while on her iconic Renaissance Tour. (I mean, enough said.)

Additionally, AAPI brands like Sunnies Face and Just B Cosmetics are doing their part to make the color cosmetics space feel more inclusive. Both of these editor-beloved lines offer products specifically designed to work with the undertones of Asian and South Asian complexions, and their lippies, in particular, are not to be missed.

So whether you’re in need of a total glam overhaul or are just looking to add a few *really* good products to your already-stacked arsenal, shop these 16 AAPI-owned essentials that have the Bustle editor stamp of approval. You’re welcome.

The Modern Vanilla Mist

“Phlur founder Chriselle Lim has exquisite taste, so it’s no surprise her fragrance line reflects that. I love all of Phlur’s scents but the one I’ve been wearing most is actually a body mist. The vanilla scent is perfect worn alone and lasts surprisingly long, but it’s also great for layering under your other favorite leather or smoky scents to add a twinge of sweetness. Every time I wear it, I get compliments (and I actually started wearing it because I smelled it on a friend and complimented her!)” — Faith Xue, beauty director, BDG

The Luxe Anti-Aging Serum

“I just finished this supercharged serum and can't wait to refill. Byroe is a Korean-American-founded brand that's all about using upcycled vegetable and fruit ingredients that are shown to positively impact the skin. The Tomato Serum is a favorite of mine for its light texture — and I swear my skin looks glowier now.” — FX

The End-All-Be-All SPF

“It's hard to find a mineral SPF that doesn't leave a white cast or clog my pores — but Pavise does just that, and then some. Founded by MIT-educated scientist Sophie Bai, it doesn't have that telltale sunscreen scent (some people like it — I don't), and it feels more like a luxurious, light moisturizer than a typical SPF. I've recommended it to so many people and gotten them hooked.” — FX

The Seriously Hydrating Face Scrub

“Juara is a brand grounded in the Indonesian wellness practice of jamu, and the founder Metta Murdaya infuses traditional Indonesian ingredients into all of their products, from the super-hydrating candlenut to brightening lemongrass. This scrub is the perfect amount of gritty, but not harsh. It's perfect for using a few times a week to keep my T-zone clear and skin looking velvety-smooth.” — FX

The Lightweight Moisturizer

“Charlotte Cho is such a groundbreaking force when it comes to skin care and Korean beauty, and her line, Then I Met You, combines all of her knowledge and expertise into some truly delightful products. I use the Cleansing Balm every day, but recently fell in love with the new Bong² Bounce Cream. Made with a Korean fruit called hallabong that's full of vitamin C, it's the perfect everyday, bouncy-feeling gel moisturizer. If you have combination or oily skin or just prefer a lighter moisturizer that feels like a spa experience with every use, you need this.” — FX

The Really Refreshing Cleanser

“This sleek, minimalist Hawaiian-owned brand makes one of my favorite cleansers. The yuzu scent is so refreshing and is an instant pick-me-up in the mornings. The light gel formula also turns into the perfect lather, getting rid of makeup and oil in one go without leaving my skin feeling stripped.” — FX

The Transportive Bath Oil

“I used this bath oil inspired by the Japanese onsen bathing culture and immediately felt transported. First, the blooming effect when you pour it into the bath is a delight. The earthy scent will make you feel like you're having a luxurious onsen bath (even if you're really in a tiny bathroom in NYC). Plus, the camellia oil, rice bran oil, and yomogi leaves left my skin feeling silky-soft — I even skipped moisturizer.” — FX

The Impossibly Artful Nail Polish

“When it comes to holographic and magnetic nail polish formulas, no one is doing it quite like Mooncat, and the creamy, full-coverage shade Boa Constrictor is my personal fave. The dark chocolate color is filled with a rainbow of reflective colors that beautifully catch the night, making for an at home mani that truly looks like a work of art.” — Olivia Rose Rushing, beauty writer, Bustle

The Gorgeous Gourmand Perfume

“If you, like me, are in a love affair with sweet gourmand perfumes, then you most definitely need BEE on your radar. The comforting vanilla bean, seductively boozy rum, and melted honey notes create a long-lasting signature smell that’s just as yummy as it sounds.” — ORR

The Fully-Flushed Blush Duo

“My makeup is never complete without a heavy hand of blush — and more often than not, I reach for this crème and powder duo. Not only are both formulas packed with delicious pigment, but especially when layered atop one another, the result is the prettiest flush that snatches your complexion. Literally obsessed.” — ORR

The Cult-Fave Setting Spray

“I’m constantly trying new setting sprays, always looking for the perfect one. ONE/SIZE is one of my favorites for that matte, all-day hold. But TBH, my opinion doesn’t even matter — Beyoncé has already approved it and her word is law.” — Kelsey Stiegman, senior fashion editor, Bustle

The Ayuervedic Face Serum

“Not only does this serum leave my skin feeling noticeably softer, but it’s also a joy to apply. It’s one of those products you actually look forward to using in the morning, simply because shaking it up is kinda fun.” — KS

The Multi-Tasking Treatment

“I love slathering on this AHA treatment, packed with quenching hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, after a night out and feeling my skin drink in all the hero ingredients. It leaves me with the epitome of ‘glazed donut skin’ — ridiculously smooth and even-toned.” Christina Amoroso, editorial director, Bustle

The Everyday Lip Essential

“These lip balms provide the perfect pigment-to-nourishment ratio. They're super natural looking and glide on easy; I keep one in my handbag so I can swipe on ahead of meetings.” Charlotte Owen, editor in chief, Bustle & Elite Daily

The Blemish Life-Saver

“I'm always stocked up on Hero's pimple patches, but the Micropoint ones are a lifesaver to tackle those deep under-the-skin blemishes before they emerge. Work smarter, not harder.” Alexis Morillo, lifestyle editor, Bustle

The Prettiest Matching Lip Kit

“A multi-use product is always a good investment, thanks to girl math. These Lip Spectrum products offer a classic bullet lipstick and a liquid lip that, spoiler alert, can also be used as a blendable blush or eyeshadow, if you're feeling frisky.” — AM

The Sensitive-Skin-Friendly SPF Foundation

“Tower 28 founder Amy Liu never misses with a launch — I can honestly say that I’ve tried every one of the brand’s products, and genuinely love them all — but the brand’s foundation is a real stand out. It offers physical SPF 30 protection, but doesn’t have any of the chalkiness you might expect from a mineral-infused formula. It offers light, buildable coverage and a natural finish, and I love that it makes SPF an easy addition to my everyday routine. One more thing to note: This foundation was the first *ever* complexion product to be given a seal from the National Eczema Foundation, which means it won’t cause irritation on even the most sensitive complexions.” — Zoë Weiner, Contributing Beauty Editor

The Shimmery Shadow

“I’ve always steered clear of colorful makeup in favor of golden neutrals, but Kulfi Beauty’s holographic eyeshadows changed the game for me. They’re somehow buildable and sheer but also highly pigmented, so even a single layer will deliver an intense pop of color on deep complexions (and you can layer more on for a higher-impact look). I started out with the bronze and rose gold shades that didn’t feel too far outside my comfort zone, but have recently fallen head-over-heels in love with the blue and green shades — the shimmery finish every color leaves behind is just gorgeous.” — ZW

The Hydrating Skin Conditioner

“U Beauty’s conditioning cleanser is one of the most hydrating face washes I’ve ever tried, and my dry skin is beyond thankful for founder Tina Chen’s genius. Its subtle, fruity smell is just icing on the cake of this microbiome balancing formula.” — ZW