17 Citrus Perfumes To Make Your Summer Days Even Brighter

Lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit notes ahead.

Here are 17 citrus-filled perfumes that are perfect for summer 2024.
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In the artful world of perfumery, citrus top notes are often the first to fizzle and fade. Though these lightweight aromas tend to disappear more quickly than their heavier bases, when they are still dancing around in your senses, the essences of grapefruit, bergamot, lime, and the like tend to bring an overwhelming sense of vibrance and joy.

Some citrus perfumes, in fact, just so happen to be proven mood boosters. Charlotte Tilbury’s newest Joyphoria scent, for example, uses neroli oil to offer uplifting benefits. Similarly, Being Frenshe — which was founded by early 2000s icon and actor Ashley Tisdale — has a Citrus Amber Perfume Oil on offer that taps lemon and clementine to embody the infectious energy of the sun.

For those who prefer to invest in more luxurious signature scents to get their citrus fix, Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche is a beloved citrusy fragrance that has stood the test of time, while Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino basically smells like an Amalfi Coast vacation in a bottle.

But really, that’s just the beginning. To infuse the summer ahead with a bit of vibrant zest, shop these 17 scents that feature prominent notes of lime, orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, and more.


The Citrusy Mood-Booster

Designed to add a dose of happiness to your beauty routine, Joyphoria is brimming with the aromas of juicy neroli, radiant ylang-ylang, and sun-drenched vanilla.


The Citrus-Filled OG

Nothing looks quite as luxurious on your vanity as a bottle of Chanel fragrance, and the brand’s Chance Eau Fraîche has become a cult-favorite choice for a reason. The citrusy opening is vibrant and sparkling, while jasmine and teakwood notes create an air of sophisticated mystique.


The Lemon Sugar Gourmand

Inspired by the citrusy sweetness of delicious lemon square treats, Citron Glacé is a delectable gourmand perfume that smells of lemon-coated jasmine petals and sugar.


The Coastal Daydream

Whisk your senses away to the dreamy coast of Italy with Neroli Portofino. It’s made with notes of neroli, bergamot, and lemon, which wash over you in the same refreshing way the water does during a dip in the Mediterranean.


The Genderless Grapefruit Aroma

Driving around with open windows and the warm breeze kissing your skin is a fairly universal summer experience, and with Windows Down, the perfumers at Henry Rose have managed to bottle up that feeling into something you can wear all year. It smells of crisp grapefruit, honeyed neroli, Earl Grey tea, and musk, which come together to create a blend that’s bright, balanced, and just a little bit spicy and sensual.


The Tangy Unisex Scent

Tangerine is far less common in fragrance than other citrus notes, like lemon and grapefruit, but after smelling this beautifully tangy blend, it’s hard to imagine why. Meant to be shared between you and a lover of any gender, Tangerine Boy pairs its tangerine heart with loud lemon top notes and a heated amber base.


The Seriously Sparkling Citrus

If creamsicles are your fave summertime snack, Citrus Circus deserves a spot in your fragrance wardrobe. Inspired by the nostalgic frozen treat, this scent is defined by notes of grapefruit, zesty lime, juicy orange, amber, and patchouli.


The Citrus-Spiked Woods

In No.09 Vallée de Farney, the vibrance of grapefruit juice meets the sultriness of black pepper, cedarwood, and patchouli to create a warm and woodsy perfume you’ll want to wear all year long.


The Oceanside Lemon Sorbet Treat

A nod to the mysticism and free spirit of the ocean, Toy 2 Pearl smells of sweet lemon sorbet, sun-kissed jasmine petals, driftwood, and musk. What’s more, you’ll want to keep the *adorable* teddy-shaped bottle on your vanity long after you’ve spritzed out the last bit of scent.


The Luxe Lemon Fragrance

All of Replica’s scents are meant to emulate real-life experiences, and Under the Lemon Trees is no different. The bright and breezy scent immediately transports you to a balmy day on a lemon orchard with its lush notes of lime, green tea, and soft musk.


The Vibrant Perfume Oil

For a more concentrated dose of citrus scent, try a perfume oil like Being Frenshe’s Citrus Amber. It’s filled with awakening notes such as vibrant lemon, juicy clementine, and creamy orange blossom, which come together to create an uplifting “functional fragrance” that serves double duty in making you smell good *and* boosting your mood.


The Eau So Fresh Feels

Beautifully aromatic and a bit unexpected, Jo Malone’s Lime Basil & Mandarin cologne accents its citrus notes with herbaceous thyme and woodsy amber. The result is an ultra-luxe fragrance that feels truly genderless.


The Margarita-Inspired Spritzer

If a fresh margarita on the rocks is your idea of a good time, you may want to try Dossier’s take on the boozy beverage. Fresh Margarita & Lime smells exactly as it sounds, with additional notes of blackcurrant, spearmint, and violet leaf that are just as refreshing as that first sip of a summer cocktail.


The Citrus-Coated Floral Bouquet

Reminiscent of those carefree summer days that soon become your most beloved memories, Core Memory smells of crisp apple, chilled mandarin, aromatic rosemary, and a bouquet of colorful flowers.


The Subtle Citrusy Floral

Dry, woody, and perfectly unisex, Fleur d'Oranger 27 — which translates to “orange blossom” — balances its lighter notes with aromas of sensual leather, earthy patchouli, and warm vanilla.


The Elevated Citrus Blend

Yet another perfume that was inspired by the orchard-lined cliffs of the Italian coast, Italian Citrus features key notes of lemon, blood orange, ambrette seeds, and clean musk.


The Layer-Friendly Pick

Although Blood Lime is able to be worn on its own, this citrusy scent — which blends the aromas of blood orange and lime — can amp up the brightness when paired with any of your fave scents.