I Tried Being Frenshe, Ashley Tisdale's TikTok Famous Beauty Brand

The products have TikTok in its feels.

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For Millennials and Disney Channel kids alike — Ashley Tisdale is synonymous with a certain nostalgia for those younger years and simpler times. But just as a generation of twenty-somethings went ahead and grew up, Tisdale has grown up since those iconic moments playing the ever-fabulous Sharpay Evans, too.

Back in 2019, she reignited her love for music, releasing her third album Symptoms after a near decade-long pause. And akin to what seemed like the rest of the world as a result of 2020’s shutdown, many slowed down and turned inward — some, for the first time — and for Tisdale, a desire to conjure her own comfort and sense of peace followed thereafter.

In the years that would follow, the multi-hyphenate would become a mother, struggle with anxiety, launch her wellness platform Frenshe, all while dreaming up her own range of wellness-centered, sweet scented products under the brand name Being Frenshe. And with the collection — that’s stocked on Target shelves — being met with some major breakout success, Tisdale has somehow struck a chord amongst the scrollers and beauty lovers alike on TikTok. So much so that the hashtags #BeingFrenshe and #Frenshe have a combined 14.9 million views (and counting), with endless videos echoing the sentiment that the mogul has somehow “bottled up a piece of heaven.”

Of the success, Tisdale tells Bustle: “I am so grateful that people love the line as much as I do. I’ve worked so hard and given all my time to Being Frenshe, so to see it resonate with people just makes me so happy.”

Her fragranced collection features some familiar, beloved aromas, like the Bergamot Cedar scent for balance, or the Lavender Cloud that’s perfect for unwinding. Yet it’s the Cashmere Vanilla scent — which smells of warm vanilla amber, steamed rice, and faint jasmine flowers in bloom — that shoppers can’t seem to get enough of. Tisdale shares this of her inspiration: “For years, I’ve been obsessed with making fresh jasmine rice, and I always loved the smell it made in my kitchen. When [creating the scents for Being Frenshe], I knew for sure that was one I wanted to capture.”

Vanilla is one of the most well-loved, easily recognized scents worldwide — and it’s a shared experience that the cozy aroma is associated with our most joyful moments, like biting into birthday cakes with our loved ones. Tisdale adds that Cashmere Vanilla has unique a “mood-boosting” quality that soothes, noting that there’s a “comforting feeling when you smell it.”

And as I’m typing this story with the dreamy aroma in my hair and on my hands, I can confirm that the Cashmere Vanilla is definitely nostalgic, yet not overly sugary sweet or all that reminiscent of cake. It is warm, cozy, subtle, and softly cocooning — and has an air of being mature and even sensual (for your own pleasure, not necessarily for the lust of others).

Whether you’re seeking a bit more comfort in your nighttime routine, or an extra burst of energy that uplifts — Being Frenshe is all about those self-care moments, met with mindfulness and gratitude. And though her newfound community of like-minded beauty lovers has quickly grown to adore all things Cashmere Vanilla, Tisdale chooses her daily scents by allowing her wants and needs guide her: “I personally love all of [the scents], and it really depends on what kind of mood I want to be in. But as of late, I’ve been obsessed with Solar Fleur.”

Want to be in your feels in the *best* way? Run to your nearest Target (and pray that the brand is in stock) to shop the signature scents: Cashmere Vanilla, Solar Fleur, Lavender Cloud, Citrus Amber, and Bergamot Cedar.

As for the ways to incorporate Being Frenshe into your own lifestyle, the brand currently features the following: a Hair, Body, & Linen Spray all in one, a Reset Candle, a Milky Body Lotion, a Renewing Body Wash, a Body & Scalp Scrub, Body Serum Sticks, Perfume Oils, Body & Hair Radiance Oils, a Hair Mask, a Hand Serum, Bath Bombs, and Revitalizing Bath Powder.

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