23 Bergamot Perfumes That Give Peak "Euro Summer" Vibes

Spritz on a bit of citrus.

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Here are the best bergamot perfumes for fall 2023 if you love citrusy fragrances.
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Though August is nearly halfway over — and the promise of cozy days so associated with fall are officially upon us — daydreams of whimsy-filled European vacations are truly a year round affair. And amidst the familiar scents of pumpkin spiced lattes and just-brewed coffee slowly creeping back into the forefront, bergamot-filled fragrances allow one to close their close their eyes and “travel” to warmer destinations through the power of its citrusy scent.

A stunning (and at times deeply exotic) aroma, bergamot is a beloved note in perfumery that instantly elevates any and every fragrance composition. “Bergamot is one of the chameleons of fragrance,” Mark Crames, the CEO of Demeter Fragrance Library, tells Bustle. “I love working with bergamot because it is so unique and versatile. [It’s] a bright citrus [that can also] be herbal and sexy.”

Whether you realize it or not — it’s revitalizing scent is likely already present in some of your go-to scents, most noticeable at first spritz. Idôle (a Lancôme perfume with Zendaya as its face) opens with the sophistication of bergamot and jasmine petals, as does Beach Walk by Maison Margiela, albeit a bit more sun-kissed thanks to creamy coconut milk.

From zesty and tart to fresh and sweet, bergamot brings with it an unmistakeable air of luxe that gives big “Euro summer” energy. Below, find 23 bergamot-filled perfumes that will make you feel as if you’re walking through citrus tree-lined orchards in the Italian countryside.

Inspired by dreamy getaways to the Italian coast, Light Blue Summer Vibes is truly a scent of summer as exotic bergamot, sweet peach, and alluring cedarwood dance with one another.

Embodies the intensified aroma of a rain-soaked rose garden after a storm, Just A Rose features notes of vivid grapefruit, magnetic bergamot, earthy peony, and rich Tonka bean.

A deeply sophisticated floral fragrance, Flower Tuxedo centers on the exotic and buttery orris flower, making it all the more complex with notes of bergamot, sandalwood, and vetiver.

A “cool girl” aroma in every sense of the word, Thé Noir 29 is defined by olfactive contrasts. Fig’s sweetness is cut by bergamot’s bitterness, while the smoothness of cedarwood is met with the smokiness of tobacco.

DedCool has gained a cult following with its best selling scent called “Taunt” — and 05 “Spring” is just as lovely, as notes of earthy incense, smooth moss, crisp bergamot, and hints of vetiver melt together.

Inspired by an herbaceous cup of warm tea, Crames shares with Bustle that “in Earl Grey, it is the bright citrus [of bergamot] that makes the scent shine.”

Crafted to bottle up those feelings of carefree, weightless days so associated with summer, Floating is filled with bergamot, peach, woods, and clean linen.

A luxe perfume inspired by the orchard-covered coast of the Italian Mediterranean, Neroli Portofino features notes of sparkling neroli, breezy bergamot, crisp lemon, and orange blossom in full bloom.

SUN FRUIT is a radiant summertime essential that is filled with notes of fresh fig, exotic bergamot, orange blossom, and juicy coconut.

A limited edition launch, Améline features a prominent rose note drenched in the citrusy juice of Italian bergamot and the smoothness of sandalwood.

A limited edition launch, Amazing Grace Bergamot is brimming with bright notes of bergamot, grapefruit, rose, jasmine, and orange blossom.

Santal Gray is a dreamy “skin musk” aroma that lies close to one’s skin, enveloping the wearer with the aromas of bergamot, sandalwood, violet leaf, musk, and cardamom.

Sophisticated, yet still with an air of fresh youthfulness, Idôle is a staple perfume for any fragrance wardrobe, as notes of bergamot, pear, pink peppercorn, rose, jasmine, vanilla, and a hint of patchouli swirl around you.

Described as a “fresh amber paradise,” La Belle is made juicy and explosive by way of crisp green pear, exotic bergamot, and sensuous vanilla.

Modern and elegant, Good Girl Blush features notes of sunshine-filled ylang ylang, bright bergamot, and smooth vanilla.

Sunny and bright, Windows Down is brimming with vibrant notes of juicy grapefruit, zesty bergamot, honeyed neroli, delicate florals, and smooth guaiac wood.

Supercharged with a cocktail of citruses and spices (like bergamot, mandarin, orange, and ginger), Afternoon Swim immediately energizes the senses, calling to that decadent feeling of diving head-first into the Mediterranean Sea.

Inspired by the iconic era of Harlem’s Renaissance, New Haarlem allows invigorating bergamot, herbaceous green leaves, and earthy patchouli to dance with the smooth aromas of lively coffee, creamy vanilla, and sun-kissed amber.

Like a decadent, fruit-filled dessert, Oriana is defined by playful notes of mandarin, crisp bergamot, dark berries, orange blossom, and hand-whipped cream.

A floral perfume that sparkles, My Way is filled with dreamy luminosity by way of bright bergamot, smooth orange blossom petals, and sensual vanilla-soaked cedarwood.

A solar scent that nods to those sun-drenched days on the warm sand, Beach Walk wraps around the wearer as the aromas of fresh bergamot, creamy coconut milk, and bright ylang ylang unfold.

A “skin musk” scent that wrap around you, 724 is defined by notes of bitter bergamot, clean jasmine, and musky sandalwood.

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