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Dior’s New Fragrance Is Perfect For Strawberry-Girl Spring

Wear it before it goes viral on #perfumetok.

miss dior parfum
Faith Xue
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What does youth smell like? For Christian Dior, the answer starts with jasmine. The designer dreamed up the house’s first Miss Dior fragrance in 1947 specifically to speak to the young people of the time. Inspired by his rebellious younger sister, Catherine Dior, the chypre scent combined green top notes with florals like jasmine and neroli and base notes of patchouli and amber. Since then, the Miss Dior fragrance has gone through many iterations, each one slightly different, but all embodying the carefree feeling of being young and independent.

Now, more than forty years after the launch of the first Miss Dior fragrance, legendary perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (yes, the same man behind the viral Baccarat Rouge 540 fragrance) puts his spin on the house’s legendary scent. The new Miss Dior Parfum takes elements of the original Miss Dior — the jasmine, the lushness, the hint of gourmand — and adds a juicy twist with notes of strawberry, peach and apricot, making it perfect for your strawberry-girl spring (and summer).

When Francis Kurkdjian was brought on by Dior to serve as the house’s perfume creation director in 2021, the first thing he did was go into the archives and speak to as many of the house’s former perfumers as possible. He wanted to understand their process, use of raw materials, and inspirations so then he could have a true understanding of the house’s history and continue its fragrance storytelling with integrity. If you’re familiar with previous iterations of Miss Dior, you might recognize certain elements — the house’s now-discontinued Miss Dior Cherie fragrance also contained notes of strawberry — but the new parfum also feels completely fresh (and is not to be confused with the Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, which veers more warm and traditionally floral).

Miss Dior Parfum opens with a bright pop of mandarin, then settles into the skin with a soft jasmine and amber notes. But this isn’t just any ordinary jasmine: Kurkdjian wanted to bring back the exact full-bodied jasmine feeling of the original Miss Dior, so the jasmine in the new Parfum is picked only in the month of July, when the flowers release the most green and floral notes. The result is a jasmine note that feels fruity and juicy — if you could smell the color pink, it would smell like this.

Staying young forever is impossible for now (just look at the slew of anti-aging serums lining the shelves of Sephora), but Miss Dior Parfum bottles up the feeling of being young instead. No needles, fillers or invasive treatments — just a whiff of jasmine and strawberry is all it takes.