Dove's $10 Bonding Mask Reverses Summer Hair Damage in 1 Minute Flat

An honest review of the drugstore powerhouse.

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’Tis the season for seriously damaged strands from harsh UV rays, chlorine-filled pools, and drying salt water. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to skip out on your favorite summer activities for the sake of your strands — you just need the right product to keep them healthy.

With that in mind, meet Dove’s 10-in-1 Bond Strength Serum Mask, which is said to completely repair and revive your hair in just one minute flat... even after summer has wreaked havoc on it.

Part serum, part mask, the formula is packed with powerful peptides and proteins that strengthen hair bonds. Unlike most other treatment products on the market, you don’t need to sit around with it on your strands for 20-plus minutes for it to work, which feels like a major win.

Bonds, if you’re wondering, are essentially the building blocks of your hair. They’re integral to the structure of your strands, and the stronger they are, the stronger your hair will be. Over time, bonds can be weakened by things like color treatments, sun damage, heat tools, and more — which is where bond-focused formulations like Dove’s come in handy.

In honor of the mask’s release, I — along with a handful of other beauty editors — was whisked away to Puerto Rico to see how the product would stand up against sun, surf, and other summer-related hair stressors.

Here is my honest review of the drugstore powerhouse... which may just become your next fave shower essential.

Fast Facts

  • Price: $9.99
  • Best For: An affordable, silky-smooth formula that instantly revives the look and feel of hair
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • What I Love: This formula works in just 60 seconds, which means I don’t need to spend 20 to 30 minutes with my damp hair coated in a mask
  • What I Don’t Love: The beach-inspired scent is lovely, but perhaps a bit strong (especially for those who may not be into powerful fragrance)

The Dove Bond Strength Serum Mask

Made to repair hair with only 60 seconds of wear, the Bond Strength Serum Mask ($9.99) boasts 10 benefits, including nourishment, detangling, strengthening, shine, breakage prevention, and of course, repairing bonds and split ends.

This stuff is so potent that many users see results after just one use — but according to the brand, the more you use it, the stronger (and healthier!) your hair will be.

My Thin, Color-Treated Hair

I have fine hair that once had ringlet curls, but through years of salon appointments and heat styling, now just has soft waves.

A few other things add to the damage: I color my hair about twice a year, style it using a blow dryer or curling iron a few times a week, and spend much of my time (especially during the summer months) taking dips in the pool or walking around in the blazing sun without a hat.

While my roots tend to get oily between washes, my ends always crave rich hydration as they can appear dry and frizzy.

Silky Hair Magic In Just One Use

When I first used this mask, I immediately noticed how thin — yet silky-smooth — the creamy formula’s texture was. Within seconds, I felt my thin hair quickly detangling, and after a minute or so of allowing the product to work its magic, my hair felt much softer.

When air drying my wavy hair, I noticed that it was a bit more manageable than before. When I blew it out, my strands were butter-soft and far less frizzy, too.

My one gripe with this product is that while the fragrance is lovely (it smells like coconut, with a subtle hint of that classic Dove soap smell), it was a bit strong for me personally. That said, because it’s a one-minute mask, it washes away pretty quickly — though it’s worth noting that it does linger on strands, even after a day or so.

The Final Verdict

As a beauty writer, my shower is constantly filled with new products to try and test. While there are a handful of hair masks I adore — like the dae Monsoon Moisture Mask ($32) and the Cécred Reconstructing Treatment Mask ($42) — Dove’s Serum Mask has kept its place in my lineup.

The Dove Serum Mask serves as a reminder that just because a product is at a lower price point, it doesn’t mean it’s lacking in efficacy. Better yet, the fact that it’s only $10 a pop means I can use it as frequently as possible without having to worry about funding a restock the way I do with the more expensive staples in my arsenal.

Summer does a lot of damage to everyone’s hair, and this mask is a secret weapon for keeping strands soft and strong through Labor Day and beyond.