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Kylie Jenner Has Pink Hair Again & It's So "King Kylie"

Hello, Tumblr Ky.

Though she was already famous from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner quickly became an it-girl between 2014 and 2016. She launched Kylie Cosmetics in 2015, for one, which ultimately lent itself to her current billionaire status. It was also a time when the reality star and beauty founder grew her social media presence, regularly posting on Tumblr and Snapchat. (TBT.)

To fans of the youngest Jenner and pop culture lovers alike, that special point in history is lovingly referred to as the “King Kylie” era. And, in this era, Jenner had an affinity for colorful hair moments — though that has since been replaced by more natural hues of deep espresso, mid-tone brunette, and the occasional blonde.

On Jan. 16, however, Jenner shook everyone scrolling social media to reveal a fresh new hair color, and it’s one that already has her comment section flooded with messages like “King Kylie is back.”

Kylie’s Pink Hair Transformation

Dropping a series of selfies to her Instagram, Jenner revealed that her natural brunette color has been traded up for a daring shade of cool-toned blush pink. Her caption: “hiiiii remember me.”

Jenner posted the same look on her TikTok, this time with a caption referring to the beloved mid-aughts era in her life and career: “heard its 2014 vibes this year.”

ICYWW, the mom of two once wore a short, teal-tipped bob for much of 2014, which truly marks the start of her King Kylie era. And while she didn’t experiment with pink shades just yet in 2014, she did rock a similar Barbiecore shade in the years that would follow.

She’s Rocked The Barbie Hue Before

In 2016, Jenner shared her long, softly waved lengths that were dyed in an icy, near-platinum shade with rosy undertones. Her glam was indicative of the year’s makeup trends — including a fully done-up brow, contour, and heavy eye makeup.

Just a few years later in 2018, Jenner opted for a pastel bubblegum shade of pink in her hair that she showed off with complementary blush and matte lipstick tones.

Her “King Kylie” Era Is Back

The nostalgic “King Kylie” era marked a period in the reality star’s life where she was unapologetically herself in more ways than one. From launching a powerhouse brand to becoming a total tastemaker for a generation, that was a time when the young figure’s trajectory first entered the forefront of the zeitgeist.

Jenner revisiting that same mentality of creativity and experimentation is fitting for 2024 — though this time around, she’s notably approaching her beauty look with a more natural, understated mindset. These days, soft makeup that enhances her natural features and short “old money” nails are the vibe, but who knows — maybe a teal dye job is in her near future.