"Sunset Blush" Is The Prettiest Makeup Trend On TikTok RN

Summer vibes, incoming.

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With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner, summer is *officially* almost upon us, and there’s an emerging makeup trend that’s helping to put excitement at an all-time high.

One look, in particular, is making the rounds on TikTok, and it perfectly embodies the fiery, carefree energy of the season. While the fall and winter were undoubtedly defined by cozy trends, like terracotta “cinnamon spice girl” glam and brown “espresso makeup,” summer 2024 is taking on a more sun-drenched vibe with “sunset blush.”

Characterized by a neon gradient that’s surprisingly wearable on all skin tones, the sunset blush technique has become a TikTok fan-favorite thanks to the easy, vibrant pop of color it provides — and it’s well worth a place in your routine in the beachy months ahead.

“Sunset Blush” Is Trending RN

Inspired by the orange, pink, and golden tints associated with summer sunsets, the girlies have been experimenting with adding these blush shades into their routines all at the same time to create the “sunset blush” aesthetic. Often placed at the high points of the face, the trio of radiant, near-neon colors blends upwards in a C-shape for a tropical, ombré finish.

While the buzzy blush trend tracks back to BeautyTok creator Alissa Holmes, countless beauty lovers with a beautiful array of skin tones have been playing with the accessible look.

TikTok: @makeupbysamanthaharvey / @alissajanay1

Typically, those who try sunset blush tend to keep the rest of their glam low-key in comparison, with dewy skin, minimal eye makeup, and a simple glossy lip. This allows the bright blush tones to really stand out, but TBH sunset blush would look just as good with a full face beat as it does with an understated makeup moment.

How To Wear The Look This Summer

To try the sunset blush look out for yourself, you’ll need a few core products: A vibrant shade of coral or red-orange liquid blush, a softer pink or hot pink liquid blush, and a champagne-colored or gold liquid highlighter. Liquid products work best in this case, as they allow for easier blendability than their creamy or powdery counterparts.

Start by applying two dots of the darkest shade in your palette up near your temples, toward the outer corner of your face. Then, apply two dots of your pink-toned blush going down your cheek bone in a sort of diagonal line. Lastly, apply a swipe of your liquid highlighter just above the dots to add some radiance to the high points of your cheeks.

Use a brush, a Beautyblender, or your fingers to blend the dots together. It’s key to blend slowly, using gentle patting motions, to maintain the look of that sunset-inspired ombré and avoid muddying all the colors into one.

Summer sunsets have never looked this good.