Sep. 21, 2023

Next Gen Issue

Feb. 2023

They're starring in your favorite Netflix show (or three). They're doing game-changing work behind the scenes. You won't be forgetting them anytime soon.

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Polyglutamic Acid Is The Rising Superstar Of The Skin Care World

It gives hyaluronic acid a run for its money.

By Carolyn Steber

I Tried Sofwave For Skin-Firming & I’m More Sculpted Than Ever

Here’s everything to know about the buzzy beauty treatment.

By Rachel Lapidos

Armani Jackson Is Following In His Famous Actor Sister’s Footsteps

The actor takes centre stage in teen drama Wolf Pack.

By Catharina Cheung
Bustle Booth

Keyla Monterroso Mejia Is Finally The Star Of The Show

The scene-stealing actor takes the lead in Netflix’s On My Block spinoff.

By Gabrielle Bondi
The Drop

This Week’s New Makeup Releases & More Beauty Headlines

New year, new beauty goodies.

By Audrey Noble and Erin Stovall

"Lavender Haze" Star Laith Ashley Breaks Down Filming With Taylor Swift

The transgender model opens up about working with Swift on set and what his casting could signify for trans communities.

By Jake Viswanath

Wavy Hair Girlies Rejoice, Rhyme & Reason’s Wave Revival Regime Is Here

Plus, four other beauty launches to bookmark this week.

By Darshita Goyal

You’ll Definitely Recognise Isadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney’s Mum

The actor and singer comes from a famous family.

By Maxine Harrison
Fast Follow

Annie Rauwerda Finds Treasure In The Depths Of Wikipedia

The 23-year-old behind @depthsofwikipedia reminds us that there is good (and silliness) in the world.

By Chloe Joe
Bustle Booth

'That '90s Show' Star Callie Haverda Got Advice From Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

The actor leads a new teen cast in Netflix’s spinoff of That ’70s Show.

By Brad Witter
Quick Question

Marianna Hewitt’s Advice For Building A Personal Brand

The Summer Fridays co-founder on the future of the influencer industry and how she stays inspired.

By Taylor Jean Stephan

A New Era Of Gentle Retinols Is Here

Brands have started to adopt a more moderate approach to the holy grail ingredient.

By Hannah Baxter

Caliray's New Surfproof Setting Spray Is The Ultimate Skin Refresher

Meet your new makeup bag essential.

By Olivia Rose Rushing

Glossier's Deodorant Is Like Skin Care For Your Armpits

I’m obsessed.

By Carolyn Steber
Beauty Roots

Ruka Founder Tendai Moyo On How She's Making Haircare Joyful Again

Haircare brand Ruka is designed to celebrate Black women and create products that cater to all hair textures, too.

By Justine Knight
TV & Movies

Adam Ali Hopes 'Waterloo Road' Will “Subvert” Queer Misconceptions

The actor plays Kai Sharif in the BBC reboot.

By Sam Ramsden