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A look at splitting up, untagging, and moving on during the digital age.

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Welcome to divorce’s new era. It’s one where ending a marriage has become not only less stigmatized, but actually more glamorized, than in previous generations. (Think: divorce albums, parties, T-shirts, and photo shoots.) Inevitably, it’s also one that intersects with your life online (hello, metaverse). Meaning: While you’re mourning your marriage, you may also have to manage the demise of your relationship on social media, which can add another layer of complication — especially when the last photo dump on your grid is from your wedding day. But if you decide to be vocal about your split online, chances are you’ll find someone who can relate (and, if you’re on TikTok, maybe even 1.1 million of them).

Here, we talk to divorce lawyers about the latest trends and their younger clients, influencers who went viral for sharing their stories, photographers who offer divorce shoots, and tons of millennial women from across the country who’ve lived through the process — awkward post-divorce first dates and all.

Yes, getting divorced still sucks. But for many of the women Bustle talked to, it can also feel like a much-needed reset. As Teagan, who’s 25 and lives in Kansas, puts it: “Every part of my life got better.”

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