The Truth About Jax & Lala On 'Vanderpump Rules'

by Alaina Urquhart-White

Vanderpump Rules has been jam-packed with drama this season, and many of the shenanigans come courtesy of the new faces around SUR. Lala Kent joined Vanderpump Rules Season 4 as the new hostess and immediately began making her camera time count. She has been seen at various times stirring the pot and dancing on the line of some serious controversy, but at the same time, she has her own set of rules that seem to prevent her from actually crossing any lines. So after the latest episode that featured her and Jax heavily raising the flirtation bar and speaking almost entirely in euphemisms, did Lala and Jax have sex?

Well, according to Lala's interview with Reality Tea, she has not and will not be sleeping with Jax anytime in this lifetime or the next. She admitted to the website that flirting with him is certainly a delightful game, but she doesn't ever want to close the deal. "Unless I’m blackout drunk, I would never be with him,” she said. “Nor have I ever or will ever.” To me, it seems like Jax's complete willingness to lie about his situation with his current girlfriend Brittany is a little bit of a turn-off to Lala, who has already said that she isn't into hooking up with someone in a relationship. You can never really tell when Jax is being truthful, and so far on Vanderpump Rules, Brittany only seems to be his girlfriend when it is convenient for him.

So while Jax and Lala never actually hooked up, its certainly not for lack of trying on his part. When Lala found out that her coworker Lauren was the one who left the aggressive sexy time marks on James, she left hand-in-hand with Jax (after he so sweetly told the camera that he was definitely going to have sex with Lala). Then in a recent episode, Jax and Lala were basically just short of undressing each other publicly at a bar while Jax stated he wanted to "f*ck" Lala repeatedly throughout the night. What a charmer. While these moments may have lead viewers to believe that the two slept together, Lala shot down that assumption to Reality Tea, while Jax has insisted on Vanderpump Rules that nothing happened.

Now, obviously this season of Vanderpump Rules was filmed months ago and things have certainly changed since then. However, those changes only reinforce the fact that Jax and Lala never hooked up. Jax and Brittany are still together and actually live together now. He even admits that she is his girlfriend, which is a step in the right direction.

It also appears that Lala and James are still going strong. What they are going strong at, I have no idea, because they were never willing to nail down a title for what they were at any given time.

So despite those flirtatious Season 4 scenes, it seems that even after Vanderpump Rules stopped filming, nothing happened between Jax and Lala. Of course, that doesn't mean there won't be plenty of drama between the two over the rest of the season, hopefully leading up to another explosive reunion.

Images: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Giphy