Some People Got ~Rare~ Patronuses On Pottermore

Harry Potter fans the world over rejoiced at the news today that there is officially a Patronus quiz on Pottermore, through which faithful students of Hogwarts can discover exactly what creature is the manifestation of their happiest memories to thwart any darkness that may threaten them. So far, we know that there are, at the very least, dozens of options of Patronuses, but this morning, we're discovering some are rarer than others. So what are the rare Patronuses on Pottermore? Luckily, people are taking to Twitter to share their results, so we don't have to wait until the next time a Dementor attacks to find out.

It seems that the "rare" Patronuses are all magical creatures. While it is more common to get an ordinary animal, like a variety of dog, horse, or bird, the "rare" ones are the type of creature that you might encounter in Hagrid's Care for Magical Creatures class, or perhaps in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Of course, it's important to remember that no Patronus is "better" than any other, so don't get too worked up if yours isn't "rare." Your Patronus is perfectly suited to you, as Queen J.K. Rowling herself can confirm. But that doesn't mean we can't have some fun gawking at the rare ones!

Here are a few of the rare Patronuses encountered so far.


Buckbeak and Hagrid would be so proud!


This magical creature is a three-headed snake native to Africa.


The horse-like creatures that pull the carriages that take the Hogwarts students from the train to grounds are only visible to people who have seen death.


You've got to be especially pure of heart to get a result like this.

Fire-Dwelling Salamander

These salamanders are born of flames, eat flames for food, and are basically fierce AF.

There are also a whole slew of "unusual" ones, like the eagle owl, the elephant, and the shark, but those are still ordinary animals that Muggles can see. To be truly rare, they have to be a magical creature. So have we seen all there is to see in terms of rare Patronuses, or are there some that haven't been discovered yet? Only time will tell. Take the quiz here to see if you're among the rare few!

Images: Warner Bros.