9 Creepy YouTube Channels That Will Leave You In True Crime Heaven

Prepare for an enjoyable fright.

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Once upon a time, being interested in true crime might have been considered a little… odd. However, in recent years the true crime genre has absolutely boomed. When Serial launched in 2014, it became the fastest podcast to reach 5 million downloads and streams in iTunes’ history, according to Time. And figures only increased from there. More than 1.6 million print copies of true-crime books were sold in 2018, compared to 976,000 copies in 2016, and Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness drew more than 34 million unique viewers in the first 10 days of its release in 2020. True crime has saturated the entertainment industry across all platforms, including YouTube, where there’s plenty of opportunity to satiate your true crime needs. Scroll down for Bustle’s edit of the best true crime YouTube channels for when you want fright and delight.

Whereas TV shows often have funding to help source key information, podcasts and books often rely on the investigative skills, and sheer determination of writers and producers. Watching true crime on YouTube tends to fall into the latter category, except with the added bonus of visuals. Sure, there are conglomerate franchises (Buzzfeed’s Unsolved: True Crime, for example), but what these channels have in common is a real passion for true crime, and discovering the truth behind some of the wildest mysteries out there. So buckle up, folks. YouTube is here for you with the videos, and I am here to show you where to find them. Read on for the best true crime YouTube channels.


Bailey Sarian

Make-up and true crime might not seem like an immediate pairing at first, but hear me out. YouTuber Bailey Sarian combines her two passions to provide mesmerising, and factual, videos on everything from lesser-known unsolved mysteries to deep dives detailing the gruesome acts of serial killers such as The Son of Sam and Ted Bundy, all while delivering the perfect winged eyeliner to boot.

She also has a whole series called ‘Nameless’, which follows cases of unknown murder victims. Add to this the fact that she covers paranormal stuff, too, and basically Bailey Sarian’s videos are a feast for those who love the creepier things in life.

Watch here


Rob Dyke

Rob Dyke is a YouTuber who offers up a really good mix of content. The areas which he excels at in particular are creepy stories, mysteries, unsolved crimes, and murders.

Dyke also takes submissions from followers, meaning his show is quite varied in its stories, and will definitely offer up cases you've not heard of before.

Watch here


Vintage Files

Some true crime fans find the older cases a little easier to digest; if you fall into this category, then this YouTube true crime series is the one for you.

Vintage Files examine old crime scenes, cases, and murders, as well as a healthy dose of unsolved cases, so prepare to get your web sleuth on.

Watch here



LordanArts is a pretty awesome YouTube channel that looks at cases of missing people, murders, unsolved mysteries, and historical cases.

The host of the show really puts a lot of work into the research, discussing cases you almost definitely haven't heard before. A perfect one for the true crime know it all.

Watch here


Crime Watch Daily

Journalist Chris Hansen leads the True Crime Daily podcast, a super in-depth examination of missing people, and criminal cases.

This YouTube podcast is probably the most TV-broadcast style of the bunch, with a very professional level of production. It has lots of interviews, excellent editing, and all of this will get you hook, line, and sinker.

Watch here



Gabulosis, with your host Gaby, is another period-type true crime YouTube channel, telling tales of criminal cases from old Hollywood, in particular those that were huge back in the day, but that you might not be so familiar with now.

She incorporates video series – like ‘Solved September’, which spotlights huge cases that were eventually solved – tales of the paranormal, and missing persons cases.

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Criminally Listed

This is perhaps the most Millennial of all the offerings in this this edit: combining YouTube, true crime, and, as its title suggests, perfectly succinct lists. Plus, more true crime stuff that they investigate further.

Think of Criminally Listed as YouTube true crime in bullet points. Ugh, heaven.

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Morbid Minds

The Morbid Minds Youtube channel is all about the most morbidly fascinating cases, those that will have you both horrified and completely gripped. Expect contemporary cases, plus ones as old as time – they even have videos about Roman emperors.

In short, this is not one for the faint hearted, rather for the dedicated uncensored true crime fan.

Watch here


Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime

Buzzfeed's true crime Youtube channel is off the chain. It is made up of that ‘oh so easy to accidentally watch 800 of them’ style that Buzzfeed has become known for.

The true crime videos on this channel also include a touch of humour – necessary light relief after watching way too many crime videos.

Watch here

With all these options, all you need is a decent wifi connection, snacks, and an evening all to yourself to get feasting on true crime. Just remember to have the door locked.

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