18 Times Taylor Swift's Songs Mentioned Rain

by Maggie Malach

Taylor Swift has never met an image that she couldn't whip into an emotionally charged metaphor. Whether Swift's song lyrics recall a doomed relationship or give us hope that true love actually does exist, she has a gift for zeroing in on a feeling and snapshotting it in the best way possible. (Admit it, you've totally teared up listening to "Last Kiss.") One image that pops up a surprising amount of times is rain. Sure, she paints an idyllic sunset in "Wildest Dreams," "Untouchable" features someone "brighter than the sun," and the air was cold in "All Too Well," but there are a lot of rainy days in Swift's world.

The connection isn't hard to make. Rain symbolizes rebirth. It washes away half-melted snow, while also connoting gray skies and a dreary disposition. For a woman who writes so much about heartbreak, there's bound to be a few rainy patterns here and there. But Swift takes it to another level, peppering in references to puddle-ridden pavement and starting anew after a breakup.

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In honor of Swift's ability to make it rain (both in her well-crafted lyrics and her insanely successful career), here's a list of every time she references precipitation. Umbrella not included.

"Don't know what's down this road, I'm just walking / Trying to see through the rain coming down." — "A Place in This World"

This early appearance of rain was just an indication of what's to come.

"Oh, what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day." — "Cold As You"

This use of precipitation is pretty relevant to all of us. Who hasn't had a pop-up shower ruin a gorgeous day?

"But he leaves you out like a penny in the rain." — "Tied Together With a Smile"

No one puts Swift in the corner. Or out in the rain.

"I'm taking pictures in my mind / So I can save them for a rainy day." — "Stay Beautiful"

Back in 2006, Swift had the foresight to know there was always a rainy day coming.

"Oh, and it rains in your bedroom / Everything is wrong / It rains when you're here / And it rains when you're gone." — "Forever & Always"

So much rain. SO MUCH RAIN.

"Just know I’m right here hopin’ / That you’ll come in with the rain." — "Come In With the Rain"

Rain has now evolved to be associated with hope.

"Wait there in the pouring rain, come back for more." — "The Other Side of the Door"

Torrential storms = relationship turbulence.

"There's somethin' 'bout the way / The street looks when it's just rained." — "Fearless"

Yay! We're back to post-rain loveliness!

"Can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain." — "Hey Stephen"

And now rain is officially the setting for some tasteful PDA.

"But I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain." — "The Way I Loved You"

More kissing in the rain!

"The way you move is like a full-on rainstorm." — "Sparks Fly"

Bonus: We get a thunderstorm as a metaphor, and another romantic rainy day rendezvous.

"You paint me a blue sky / And go back and turn it to rain." — "Dear John"


"I do recall now the smell of the rain / Fresh on the pavement." — "Last Kiss"

In this case, rain serves as a reminder of happier times.

"You would, you would if this was a movie / Stand in the rain outside 'til I came out." — "If This Was a Movie"

Here's a shoutout to every time Swift's music made us think we were in a movie.

"All I know is pouring rain and everything has changed." — "Everything Has Changed"

Red-era Swift was all about rain representing the start of something new.

"Stand there like a ghost shaking from the rain." — "How You Get the Girl"

Shivering because you've been out in the rain, but also because you coldly broke Swift's heart.

"Rain came pouring down when I was drowning / That's when I could finally breathe." — "Clean"

We've come full-circle, guys.

"It's like we don't remember / The rain we thought would last forever and ever." — "Sweeter Than Fiction"

At the end of the day, if we've learned anything from Swift's lyrics, it's that even the worst of storms is followed by sun.

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