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Aidan’s Return On And Just Like That... Has Twitter Worried

I think I’ve seen this film before...

Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett on 'And Just Like That...' Photo via Max
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Ever since those photos of Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett filming in New York surfaced earlier this year, fans have eagerly awaited Aidan’s return on And Just Like That... Season 2. And in the show’s July 27 episode, it finally happened. After a brief email exchange, Carrie and Aidan arranged to see each other for the first time in over a decade. Though their Valentine’s Day dinner plans went awry when Carrie showed up at the wrong restaurant, the pair ultimately sorted out the mix-up and shared a cozy dinner. “Man, sitting here with you, it’s like 10 years just...” Aidan said, before snapping his fingers to show he felt like no time had passed.

With these two, that can be a good and bad thing because their connection was still there, but so was all the hurt. (As Aidan once famously yelled down at Carrie, “You broke my heart!”) So when the old flames arrived at Carrie’s house after dinner, Aidan was disturbed to see it was still *that* house: the one they once tried (and failed) to share.

“This is where we ended,” he said. “With the f*cking wall I couldn’t break through, and those floors — remember the floors that I redid? I mean, it’s all bad. And it’s all in there.”

Aidan told Carrie he was “never going in there again,” seemingly ending their brief reunion on a sad note — before having a change of heart. “Hey, f*ck it,” he said. “This is New York. They have hotels, right?”

Yes, Aidan, they do! Thus began Carrie and Aidan Part 3 (not counting their kiss in Abu Dhabi, of course). While the rekindled romance will likely be explored in Season 2’s remaining episodes, fans took to Twitter to react to the pair so far.

For many, it was naturally an emotional episode.

Given Carrie and Aidan’s very dramatic history, several fans were understandably nervous about the prospect of them getting back together. (As Dana Schwartz put it for Bustle, “Don’t go back into that creepy haunted house with an evil nun puppet you can’t remove! Didn’t you learn your lesson last time?!”)

Others had questions about Aidan’s date-night outfit — comparing the handsome furniture maker to everything from the Battlestar Galactica crew to Edward Scissorhands.

So, what can fans expect from the future of Carrie and Aidan’s relationship? Parker, for her part, seemed to give a promising hint to The Hollywood Reporter.

They are mature adults,” she said. “They’ve had a lot of experience: separate lives, children, the loss of a husband. Just everyday accumulation of life events that make you better equipped to deal with another person you love or value or have affection for. And so I think … you prepare yourself for an obstacle that may not exist.”