Joey & Kariselle’s Perfect Match Engagement Was Years In The Making

She DMed him after watching The Circle in 2020.

Joey Sasso, Kariselle Snow in 'Perfect Match' Season 1, Episode 5, via Netflix's press site
Courtesy of Netflix

Coming into Netflix’s Perfect Match, Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow already had a rocky history. The series premiere revealed that the Sexy Beasts alum DMed Joey in 2020 after seeing him on The Circle. She flew to Los Angeles to meet him, and they dated on and off, but the “commitment thing” was too much for Joey, as Kariselle put it. “Every time I’ve been with this guy, he’s just dropped me,” she explained in the Perfect Match finale, wondering why this time might be different. While Kariselle and Joey had been together on the show since day one, they still hadn’t discussed their future outside of the show, heading into their final date. That quickly changed, though.

Spoilers for the Perfect Match finale ahead. After the couple exchanged gushy compliments, Joey got serious. “You’ve been my perfect match since the day I met you. I love waking up to you every single day, and I don’t want that to ever end,” he told Kariselle, before getting down on one knee, pulling out an engagement ring, and asking her to marry him. “I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. And there is no person that I wanna go through life with, besides you. Will you please marry me?”

Kariselle, who was visibly shocked, happily accepted Joey’s proposal but made sure to ask if he’d asked her dad for permission first. (He did.) “It was the best day of my life,” she told host Nick Lachey and her cast mates before the final vote, referring to Joey as her future husband. Despite their engagement, the couple still came up short in the final vote tally, and Dom and Georgia were crowned the winners.

Courtesy of Netflix

Joey, for his part, explained to the cast that leaving Perfect Match engaged was the last thing he expected. “I figured I’m gonna go date, hook up a little bit,” Joey elaborated. “I definitely have had issues moving on from my past, and that’s something we’ve talked a lot about, abandonment issues. . . . I always expect people to walk away, so I try to keep a guard up and a wall to not get too close to people. And being here has literally changed my life.”

Because the Netflix series filmed in March 2022, plenty could have changed since then, too. Whether or not Joey and Kariselle are still together, they appear to be on good terms, at the very least. When Joey posted an Instagram video of himself hunting for his “groupies” in New York City’s Times Square on Feb. 21, Kariselle commented, “I’m sorry do you forget how we met . . . absolutely iconic,” adding laughing-crying and raised hands emojis. She might have witnessed the whole thing first hand: One eagle-eyed follower commented, “If I’m not mistaken I see [Kariselle] in the reflection of joeys glasses.”

Days earlier, Joey joked that he created an OnlyFans account at his mom and dad’s request. “No fcken way,” Kariselle commented, to which he replied with two eyes and laughing-crying emojis. The Circle alum also still has a photo with her from July 2021 on his main page, sharing his sobriety journey in the lengthy caption.

When Perfect Match premiered, Kariselle set her Instagram to private, so it’s unclear if she’s posted any new hints there. Once viewers have some time to catch up on the finale, she and Joey will likely have some major updates to share.