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Louise & Mercedes’ Relationship Is “A Little On And Off” After FBoy Island

The couple is feeling the pressure after watching Season 2.

by Kadin Burnett
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Louise Barnard and Mercedes Knox on 'FBoy Island'
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Season 2 of FBoy Island has come to a close. The finale finally put the show’s high-stakes conceit to the test after audiences spent weeks wondering if the three leads would risk picking the wrong guys and losing their shot at the $100,000 prize. Granted, they could also get lucky and choose a nice guy to split the money with, but for lead Louise Barnard, the allure of self-proclaimed fboy Mercedes Knox was just too enticing to pass up.

Louise’s foray into romance with Mercedes wasn’t the smoothest of journeys, thanks largely to Mercedes’ commitment to his status as a jerk. Viewers will remember earlier in the season when he told cameras, “No one has ever played his game the way that I have, and probably no one ever will.” In his pursuit of victory, he set his sights on Louise, charming her with an onslaught of compliments, telling her that she was “absolutely perfect.” Of Mercedes, Louise said that he was “so cute and sweet,” earning her affection from the first episode.

His antics weren’t just aimed at winning over Louise; he also tried to throw his cast mates under the bus. He started by revealing to Louise that Nikolai called her “a dumb blonde,” in addition to dropping several not-so-subtle hints that, in his opinion, Benedict gave off “fboy vibes.” However, when it finally came time to reveal his status, Mercedes had no choice but to out himself as an fboy, derailing much of the momentum and trust he’d spent building with Louise.

Things went from bad to worse while Louise was learning more about Mercedes from Nick W, who told her that he doesn’t believe Mercedes is a good guy. She was confused that Mercedes sounded like a “whole different person” when she was not around. She confronted him at one of the evening parties. “It’s really terrifying having multiple people come to me, telling me that you’re going to take the money,” she said in tears. “Everyone in the house f*cking hates you.” Mercedes tried to plead his case, but Louise wasn’t interested. “Don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot,” she said.

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Louise Chooses Mercedes

At the end of Episode 7, Mercedes found himself in Louise’s bottom two, causing him to apologize for his argumentative ways. Several of the fellow male contestants told the cameras that they’d hoped this would be the end of Mercedes, but Louise pulled a last-second switcheroo and saved him. Episode 8 began with a golf date, where Mercedes told the cameras, “I could do nothing and still win.”

During the finale, Louise and Mercedes go on a 24-hour date to a waterfall. They sat on a rock and rehashed the season’s drama, and Mercedes began speaking about both his and Louise’s hearts. “I think you know me,” he said. She then asked if he was a “reformed fboy,” which he confirmed, calling Louise the “reformer.” During the dinner portion of their date, he reassured her once again; however, a tearful Louise said, “I’ve been through some serious sh*t. It’s really scary thinking about possibly getting hurt again.”

Before the final ceremony, Louise continued to voice her concerns. The men had one last chance to explain why their women should pick them, prompting Mercedes to say, “I’m not the safe choice, but I’m the right choice.” Ultimately, Louise decided to choose Mercedes, prompting the cameras to immediately cut to a soundbite from Mercedes where he states, “I’m the best fboy to ever play this game.” However, with love and money on the line, Mercedes chose to split the money to prove his doubters wrong.

Are Louise & Mercedes In A Relationship?

Since FBoy Island reportedly wrapped filming Season 2 in March, Louise and Mercedes were very careful not to share any hints about their relationship status. While social media isn’t the end-all-be-all measurement for relationships, it’s worth noting they still follow one another on Instagram. But Louise eventually opened up about her relationship with Mercedes on the Reality Steve Podcast, saying the couple is “a little on and off.” She said the pressure following the show’s airing made it hard for them to pursue each other. She also mentioned that her opinion of him did waver after watching all his confessional footage.

However, hope isn’t all lost for the duo. “I think we’re just trying to figure out things being long distance,” she said, adding that they’re trying to navigate how to merge their lives. In the meantime, Louise remains in Miami, working as a model and a singer, while also keeping up with her Youtube channel.

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