Wataru & Midori From Love Is Blind: Japan Are Having A Baby

Midori shared the announcement on Instagram.

by Kadin Burnett
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Wataru and Midori admiring a ring on 'Love Is Blind: Japan'
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Midori went into Love is Blind: Japan skeptical about marriage — which is not exactly a great start for a show on which you’re expected to get engaged before meeting face-to-face and wed only a few weeks later. But the 30-year-old business planner nonetheless fell for Wataru.

A 38-year-old IT executive, Wataru had already been married once before participating in the experiment. He connected with Midori over their shared ambition and experience in the tech world, and though he also bonded with Priya, his and Midori’s similar experiences in America as well as their plans for the future helped to solidify their connection.

During their time in the pods, it was clear that Midori was pushing for the relationship to work, ultimately winning Wataru over with her bluntness and boldness. When it came time to meet in person, though, it wasn’t exactly the moment she was hoping for. While Wataru said Midori “exceeded his imagination” as far as her appearance was concerned, Midori commented that she’d hoped Wataru would have had “more delicate features.” Nevertheless, the two decided to continue exploring their relationship.

The main thing standing in their way was Midori’s aversion to marriage, so Wataru did his best to alleviate her concerns. He was able to quell some of her worries and prove that he was able to work on himself both physically and emotionally, but Midori still wasn’t convinced they were right for each other even after they’d begun living together. She was, however, thankful for the space Wataru gave her when she needed time to think. It was then that Midori realized she couldn’t bear to be without Wataru. "To be honest, I have my concerns, like, what even is marriage?" she said. "But right now, I can't imagine not seeing you tomorrow."

In the end, the two indeed both said “I do” at the altar, and in the three-month catch-up filmed after their weddings, they noted they were planning to complete their marriage paperwork and make things official after the show debuted.

On Feb. 28, Midori shared another update on her Instagram feed. Under a carousel of photos from their wedding day, Midori confirmed that she and Wataru are still going strong.

“I have received many comments and DMs ‘Are you still with Wataru!?’. The answer is YES! We will be getting the marriage certificate on my birthday in March.” She thanked her family and friends as well as the cast and crew of Love Is Blind: Japan for supporting her, and ended the caption with one more note: “I sincerely love Wataru san inside and out.”

On March 19, the couple officially tied the knot, and Midori shared a reflective post on Instagram celebrating the occasion. “Is love truly blind? That was the ultimate question the show wanted to ask the participants. I would say absolutely YES, but maybe NO for marriage. The feeling of love can be grown without visual connections for sure. We had proved that. However, when it comes to marriage, I did need to see how this person treats family, friends, and how to convey his love to others physically,” she wrote. “I believe that the time required to investigate these and make up your mind differs between the couples. I was just super lucky that Wataru made me think we were compatible within three weeks.”

About six months after their wedding, Midori announced on Instagram that she and Wataru are expecting their first child. In her Sept. 3 post, she writes, “My health condition is very well as well as the baby Mitaru. I have been able to do my work and things I like without much change while I am pregnant. And I need to thank to my boss and team members who are really understanding and caring, and most of all, thanks to Wataru-san who takes care of the house chores and Lupin more than ever.”

Midori and Wataru are the first Love Is Blind couple in the franchise to announce that they’re expecting a baby. But they are not the only pair from the franchise to expand their family. In November, Ryotaro & Motomi shared that they are expecting a child, too.

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