Ryotaro & Motomi Shared An Exciting Life Update After Love Is Blind: Japan

Don’t worry, it’s a good update.

by Kadin Burnett
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Ryotaro & Motomi sharing a moment during 'Love Is Blind: Japan'
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Sometimes it’s good to change for the person you love — at least in the case of Ryotaro and Motomi from Love is Blind Japan.

Motomi, a 27-year-old ad salesperson, had already been married before joining the show. She connected with a few people in the pods, including Atsushi. But things fizzled when he mentioned that he was looking for a “traditional marriage” — something Motomi wasn’t interested in. This left the door open for her to bond with 32-year-old hairstylist Ryotaro.

While in the pods, the spark between Ryotaro and Motomi was undeniable. They talked about every possible topic you could imagine, including their strengths, their shortcomings, and of course, their undying love for chinchillas. Motomi fell for Ryotaro’s stubbornness and determination, while he was enchanted by her ability to build him up.

The two also asked each other rapid-fire questions about their futures, beliefs, and past relationships, and in doing so, they discovered they had several similarities. It was through this style of communication that Motomi admitted she’d been married once before, but much to her delight, Ryotaro wrote her a note expressing his understanding of her past relationship. They then began writing each other letters, allowing themselves to be more vulnerable through written word. Still, Motomi was nervous. When it came time for a proposal, she began listing things about herself as a warning, just to make sure Ryotaro would love her for her. “You’re perfect,” he assured her. “You’re the cutest thing ever… I’m still game.”


They did, however, have one remaining obstacle: would Motomi’s family accept Ryotaro? She voiced concerns about her family’s support, explaining that they weren’t thrilled about her going on Love is Blind in the first place. But she was ultimately able to convince her dad to meet Ryotaro — after he made one change. Though Ryotaro had wanted to keep his hair dyed blonde, he decided to dye it black to prove his seriousness and make a good impression on Motomi’s family. Upon meeting his daughter’s fiancé, Motomi’s father, Hiroyuki, immediately voiced his distaste for the show’s process. But he seemed to warm up to the idea eventually, even going as far as to say that Ryotaro was “a fine young man.”

This gave Motomi enough confidence to say “I do” to Ryotaro at the altar, and he responded in kind. During the show’s mini-reunion filmed three months later, the couple said they would announce their relationship and sign the paperwork to be legally married after the series premiered.

It seems they’ve made good on that promise. Motomi took to Instagram on Feb. 28 to share an update on her relationship with Ryotaro, in which she confirmed that they were officially married on Jan. 11, 2022. “I feel this was truly our fate to find each other,” she wrote on Instagram. And she’ll get free haircuts for life.

In November 2022, Motomi announced on Instagram that she and Ryotaro are expecting their first child together. But they are not the first Love Is Blind couple to be starting a family. Their announcement comes just two months after Wataru and Midori shared that they are welcoming a new baby soon.

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