Zeta & Timmy’s Post-Love Island USA Plans Include Movies, Travel, & Maybe Eloping

“I am the type [who loves] a love that’s so pure that when it happens, it’s just about you two,” Zeta told Page Six.

Are Zeta & Timmy Still Together After 'Love Island USA'? The Season 4 Winners Could Elope. Photo via...
Casey Durkin/Peacock

During their time on Love Island USA Season 4, Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi forged a fast (and ultimately lasting) connection. As Zeta revealed in their first conversation, she wasn’t actually planning on stepping forward for anyone right away — until she saw Timmy, that is. “I’m taking him home,” she said, after aligning herself with the personal trainer on Day 1. “Let’s just go.”

Despite their feelings, Zeta and Timmy obviously couldn’t leave the Villa quite that early. And yes, their path to love wasn’t without obstacles — most notably that temporary love square with Bria Bryant and Jeff Christian. But ultimately, the couple powered through to become one of the season’s favorite pairings — winning the show and Hottest Couple to boot, as decided upon by viewers. “From then on, I think it really gave us some confidence that America was rooting for us,” Zeta told TV Insider in an Aug. 29 interview.

Zeta also pointed out how it felt like she and Timmy had been together way longer than they actually were. “To just lay down in bed and have so much pillow talk as if I’d been with this boy for three years? It was just surreal,” she said.

Casey Durkin/Peacock

So with that in mind, what are Zeta and Timmy up to now? The sweet, steady vibe they cultivated in the Villa appears to be continuing in the real world — where their first plans as an “official” couple include a no-frills movie date. “Our first thing that we really want to do — he knows that I love films a lot — so we just want to go watch a movie and just eat food at the movie theater and just lay back and relax,” Zeta recently told E! News. (It’s a cute, accidental callback to Timmy’s introduction to the Villa. “Listen, life is a movie,” he said at the time. “Who do you want to watch this movie with?”) Zeta also said she wants to bring Timmy to London soon.

Zeta and Timmy’s wedding will likely be pretty low-key, too — and yes, they’ve talked about it. While not actually engaged, the couple told Page Six that they’ve had “discussions” about weddings, and how they might prefer to break with tradition if they ever got married. For most couples, “it’s super structured and scheduled, marking down calendar dates,” Timmy told the outlet. “I think, for us, if it were to get to that point, it would just be something like, ‘Hey, today’s the day. Let’s do it.’”

Zeta agreed, describing their preference for “go-to-the-courthouse vibes” for a potential, future wedding. “I am the type [who loves] a love that’s so pure that when it happens, it’s just about you two,” she added. “And I think we feel the same way.”

So while Zimmy is still in its early stages, it’s safe to say that the fan-favorites feel like they’ve been together a lot longer — and are planning accordingly.