6 Podcasts That Explore Astrology In A Whole New Way

by Kaitlyn Wylde and Arya Roshanian
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There are so many creative podcasts that have a unique spin on astrology, here are our favorites.
Forever Dog

Whether you're the kind of person who checks their horoscope before they check the weather, or you don't know the difference between a sun, moon, or rising sign, you'll want to check out this curated list of podcasts that discuss astrology in a unique way. Why? Because there's a difference between being loosely aware of personality traits commonly associated with your your zodiac sign and understanding the vast and various ways in which the universe and astrological forces affect your life.

Many find that the subject of astrology can be so abstract that it's nearly incomprehensible. The terminology is not intuitive, so if you're not well-versed in the cosmic lingo, you might be overwhelmed by the topic entirely. The following podcasts are hosted by people who have a special relationship with the cosmos. From a comedian who explained the concept of Saturn Return through the lens of a personal story that's not only digestible, but moving, to a celebrity astrologer who breaks down the ways in which you can look at a birth chart to know how to approach a person, there's so much heady, astro-intellectual information out there that's entertaining, too.

Aka, these are the kinds of podcasts that are going to each you something new about astrology, but also make you laugh, cry, and question everything (in the best possible way). These are the podcasts that will change your relationship with the cosmos for the better:

1. Word Witch

Claire Burgess

The Word Witch is a podcast hosted by self-proclaimed queer witch Claire Burgess. In the pod, they explore tarot, astrology, and spirituality together to enrich our understanding of everyday topics. From astrological suggestions for a winter solstice ritual based on a tarot card reading, to a monthly breakdown of the season's astrological ruler and what to expect in all aspects of life, this podcast is equal parts whimsy and scholastic.

Listen to the podcast here.

2. Beyond, With Mike Kelton

Forever Dog

Beyond's host Mike Kelton is a comedian, but he's also a student of the universe — obsessed with the cosmos, but still eager to understand them like the rest of us. This Forever Dog produced podcast never gets arrogant, always laughs at itself, and somehow always finds a way to make listeners ugly cry in that good therapeutic way. What's so unique about this production is that it's not rigidly formatted. While every episode will include a story enriched by metaphysical event (from a guest or even Kelton himself), everything else changes to reflect Kelton's life and what he's currently worried or wondering about. Instead of going to a therapist, Kelton goes to astrologers, mediums, ghost hunters, and special healers and in turn, inspires listeners to think outside of the black box.

Listen to the podcast here.

3. Stars Like Us

Aliza Kelly

Stars Like Us is a podcast hosted by celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly as she explores mythology, magick, and pop culture weekly. Each episode features an interview with a subject that's paired with the theme of the episode, so that in addition to Kelly's inspiring input, there's an expert opinion on the subject, which also helps to round out the conversation. A special feature of this podcast is the creative way in which the host and producers weave together a wide range of topics that somehow all fit into an astrological theme. Take this episode description for example: "Meme-lord Jake Register weighs in on Neptune, house calculation systems, minor aspects, and Trump's impeachment inquiry."

Listen to the podcast here.

4. Weirdly Magical

Weirdly Magical

Weirdly Magical is hosted by astrologer, Shaman, and writer, Louise Edington, and astro-numerologist, Akashic reader, healer, speaker, and author, Jen Duchene. They're friends, so it's fun to listen to them talk, especially because they're covering such heady topics. One of the best features of this show, aside from the casual camaraderie the hosts have, which helps to make these topics less overwhelming, is the great advice they give listeners about how to use the energy from the universe to help them find peace love and happiness. It's inspiring and weirdly practical.

Listen to the podcast here.

5. The Astrology Podcast

Chris Brennan

The Astrology Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by professional astrologer, Chris Brennan. He has an educational background in astrological traditions, so consider this podcast to be your night school education on the cosmos. While this podcast has traditional elements like horoscopes and astrologically inclined guests, its philosophical and historical angle gives it a wider scope.

Listen to the podcast here.

6. This Is Where The Magick Happens

Angela Lovell and Ryan Singer

This is Where the Magick Happens is a podcast hosted by Angela Lovell and Ryan Singer. It covers a range of topics including but certainly not limited to: witchcraft, astrology, the paranormal, cats, mysticism, spirit guides, psychics. It's funny, it's empowering, it's a hodgepodge of all things hard to define and each episode will expand your mind, leaving you with new questions and fascinating answers.

Listen to the podcast here.

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