8 Emotional Moments From This Week’s Bachelorette

Is the Connor B. and Greg bromance the Bachelor Nation spinoff we need right now? Let's manifest it!

ABC/Craig Sjodin

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Katie & Blake’s Conversation About Sexual Assault

Despite only joining the competition this week for Episode 5 on July 5, Blake and Katie’s connection is already one of the strongest. To make up for lost time, Katie invited the Bachelorette alum on a one-on-one date full of horseback riding, slow dancing, and making out. But during the romantic dinner portion of their date, the mood shifted when Blake inquired about Katie’s sex-positive attitude. The Season 17 star spoke candidly about surviving sexual assault, her complicated relationship with sex over the past decade, and how the Me Too movement helped her take some of her power back.


Connor B. & Greg’s Bromance

If there’s one thing that brought us all to tears in this episode, it was the undeniable chemistry between Connor B. and Greg. During a brief moment, the camera panned to the duo cuddling, and fans can’t quite get over it. “Can we discontinue the bachelorette and continue with Greg and Connor’s journey??” one fan tweeted. Someone else on Twitter called their bromance “the #bachelornation spinoff we deserve.” We couldn’t agree more.