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The Best Instagram Captions For All Your Love Island Content

Because there’s no better way of showing off your stan status.

'Love Island'

I’d be lying if I said June 28 hasn’t been highlighted, underlined, and circled in hearts in my diary for a few weeks now. After an 18 month break, Love Island is back and I for one couldn’t be more ready.

Up and down the country, die-hard fans like me are readying themselves for the return of Love Island and all the break ups, make ups, and cringe comments to come. The sneak peeks we’ve been given of this year’s villa suggest that the format is returning to its roots, which will not doubt have OG viewers even more excited. And whether you’re getting a crew together for a (COVID safe) viewing party, going to a bar, or curling up at home, this momentous occasion deserves to be marked in one way or another – including on your Instagram.

Social media really comes into its own during Love Island. The hottest action outside the villa goes on under the ‘LoveIsland’ hashtag, with viewers glued to the their phones during the ad breaks.

If you’re planning on sharing your celebrations tonight, you’ll be in need of a caption or two. Lucky for you, I’ve gathered together a few suggestions for Love Island Instagram captions that’ll have your followers smashing the like button. Happy posting!



Celebrate the arrival of season seven with these iconic throwbacks to past islanders.

“Curtis Pritchard’s favourite position is the eagle. Mine’s sitting on the sofa at 9 p.m. with a glass of wine and ITV.”

I was coming back here to tell you I love you.” *accompanied by a picture of your TV with the credits rolling*

“I’m getting fanny flutters already.”

“Oh, you’re too good to watch Love Island? Congrats, hun.”

“Them: I don’t watch Love Island / Me: Oh I’m sorry but it ain’t on!

Love Island is my dick sand and I’m ready to fall in.”

“Why am I giving up all my evenings to watch yet another season of Love Island? Because I’m LOYAL, that’s why.”

Love Island: the only summer romance that won’t end up giving me the ick.”

“Watching Love Island with my very own DBS.” *tag your squad*

The Countdown Is On


And we’ve never been so excited.

“Wasn’t able to catch a flight but definitely ready to catch feelings...happy Love Island day!”

“Water bottle? Check. Themed WhatsApp group? Check. Clear social schedule until August? Check.”

“TFW you hear Iain Stirling’s voiceover for the first time in 18 months...”

“Praying to our Love Island lord and saviour Ovie Soko that this year’s contestants bring the tea.”

Do Not Disturb


Let your followers know what you’ll be doing all summer.

“Goodbye social life, hello Love Island.”

“Staying in every night never felt so good.”

Love Island lockdown has officially begun.”

“For the next three months, this is a Love Island appreciation account.”

Old Faithfuls


When all else fails, reach for the classics.

Love Island season seven? Now that’s my type on paper.”

“I’VE GOT A TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!”

Love Island is back and, yes, my head has been turned.”