12 LGBTQIA+ Books For Young Adults Set In The UK

To reignite your 2021 reading streak during Pride month and beyond.

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12 LGBTQIA+ Books For Young Adults Set In The UK

There’s a lot of incredibly fun and beautiful things about growing up queer. You get to tap into a community which is often unfailingly accepting and willing to love you for who you are. And Pride month is an amazing time to spotlight awesome talent from within the LGBTQ+ communities and celebrate the people, movies, books, and characters who shaped who we are. So here are some of the best British LGBTQIA+ YA fiction because, trust me, there’s a lot of it.

Any queer person will tell you that stumbling upon a YA book that features a queer character — AKA the Holy Grail — can set off all kinds of emotions. The raw and intense excitement of "OMG they are just like me!" is unparalleled. Until you create your own community, the characters can be your port of call for all things love, friendship, and identity. Perhaps that is why so many LGBTQIA+ authors grow up thinking, "I want to provide the kind of solace queer literature did for me for others," and why we're a very supportive bunch in general. Here is a list of YA books to get you started.

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