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Twitter Still Hasn’t Recovered From The Gentleman Jack S2 Finale

“The most beautiful source of sapphic representation in the media.”

Suranne Jones as Anne Lister and Sophie Rundle as Ann Walker in 'Gentleman Jack'

Following a gripping series of eventful episodes, Gentleman Jack Season 2 has now come to an end, and fans are still processing the emotional events of the finale. The drama, which follows Suranne Jones’ Anne Lister and Sophie Rundle’s Ann Walker, has gained a dedicated following since it first aired on BBC and HBO in 2019. The pioneering show has broken new ground in its representation of historic queer relationships. Tension reached an all-time high during Season 2, with the division of the Walker estate becoming a contentious topic.

We witnessed Captain Sutherland, Ann Walker’s brother-in-law, do everything he could to delay the process, meaning the women were unable to change their wills and leave their assets to one another. However, Ann’s sister Elizabeth had fans cheering during the finale, as she finally spoke out against Captain Sutherland. “This is wrong. It’s hers. It’s hers, and she should have it if this is what she wants,” she remarked of her sister’s estate.

In response to the finale, one fan tweeted a picture of a restless Lister, alongside the caption: “Me going to bed tonight, unsure whether we will get a Gentleman Jack Season 3, despite it being the most beautiful source of sapphic representation in the media.”

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