9 Tom Daley Thirst Traps That’ll Make Your Stomach Do A Reverse Flying Somersault

Take a deep dive into the Team GB legend’s Insta page.

GWANGJU, SOUTH KOREA - JULY 20:  Tom Daley of Great Britain competes in the Men's 10m Platform Final during day nine of the Gwangju 2019 FINA World Championships at Nambu International Aquatics Centre on July 20, 2019 in Gwangju, South Korea. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)
Clive Rose/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Tom Daley is many things. A double World Champion in 10-metre platform diving, an Olympic Bronze medallist, a Commonwealth Gold medallist, an Adidas athletic ambassador, an LGBTQ+ rights activist, a one-time coach on ill-fated ITV diving show Splash, husband to producer Dustin Lance Black and father to their two year old son. He’s also an undisputed Instagram King. The man truly knows what his fans want: thirst traps. And boy, does he deliver. Taken in various locations and mostly showing off his hard-earned muscles, his posts are a lesson in the art of indulging your fans. If you don’t already know then you need to get to know, and hit follow on his account ASAP, because you are seriously missing out.

Here, we round up the best of the diving legend’s Instagram posts, and show you the 9 Tom Daley thirst traps. Whether it’s holiday hikes with a stunning view or posing like the work of art he truly is, these pics are sure to make your stomach somersault like you’ve just taken a dive off the top board. You’re welcome.

The One With The Crop Top

His latest thirst trap is a still taken from a photoshoot from Man About Town magazine — featuring Daley in a pair of faded blue jeans and a burgundy top, cropped just short enough for a cheeky peek at his well-defined stomach. His boyish smile and cheeky caption “To Crop Or Not to Crop?” tops it off.

The One With The Stunning View

Posted in February, this is a throwback from Daley’s honeymoon in Honolulu, Hawaii, with his husband Dustin. As with many throwbacks, Daley is reflective in this one, referring to his marriage, “One thing is for sure, I have learned to NEVER take ANYTHING for granted.” It’s sweet and shows just how devoted Daley is to Dustin. Aww. And from his smouldering glance upwards, to the verdant scenery in the background, I’m not not quite sure which is more beautiful.

The One Where He Keeps Things Brief

Taken early in March 2020, before the Tokyo Olympics was postponed due to the coronavirus crisis, this photo of a determined Daley is testament to what an iconic and considerate athlete he is. He writes, “Waiting one more year to reach for our dreams is well worth the sacrifice to help keep people safe. Yes, I’ll be another year older, and my body will feel that, but I promise to work my tail off to make TeamGB as proud as I can when the time comes!”

And while the Tokyo Olympics has been planned for July, Tokyo has just declared a new state of emergency due to a new virus outbreak. Here’s hoping the games can still safely go ahead as planned, we wouldn’t want our diving legend to waste his efforts.

The One Where He’s In His Element

We love this photo mainly because it shows Daley in his element. Standing on a diving platform, his body illuminated by the beaming blue of the water below, Daley is poised and focused.

The caption is less serious. “It’s Bulkin’ Season!” Daley writes, accompanied by a smirking emoji. Serious or cheeky, the man contains multitudes.

The One Where He’s Hard At Work

Not-so-subtly flexing his biceps to show off his Olympic tattoo, Daley’s obviously hard at work here, he’s added a weighted vest to challenge himself while he does pull-ups. A hard worker, you love to see it.

The One Where He’s Giving 007 A Run For His Money

Does a person need to be unclothed for a picture to be considered a thirst trap? Asking for a friend, because this simple portrait of Daley is as swoon-worthy as his less... covered-up ones. Dressed in a black wool turtleneck, paired with a sleek tuxedo jacket, Daley gives off major James Bond vibes. He’s fit and looks every bit the part, perhaps there’s an alternative career there in the future?

The One Where He’s Basically A Work Of Art

Same question as the above. Dressed simply in a black ensemble, Daley stands regally against some marble columns in Venice, Italy. Leaving me wondering which is more chiselled, the architecture or the athlete?

The One Where He’s All Wrapped Up

About to begin his day of training, Daley is having a delicious avocado wrap for lunch. This one is made especially cute by the special appearance of his Bengal cat.

The One Where He’s The New Peter Andre

An oldie but goodie, this last one was posted all the way back in 2012. The quality of this one might not be so good, but we can forgive him because it’s OLD. 2012 was nine years ago — meaning that it has been nine years since that iconic moment when Daley became Britain’s athletic sweetheart for sweeping the Bronze medal. A shot of Daley washing off after a dive during the London Olympics, this is giving me major “Mysterious Girl” vibes.

As I said, an undisputed Instagram King.