Everything To Know About BlackSpace Season 2

The first season of the popular Israeli series is coming to Netflix.

Israeli series BlackSpace tells the story of a shooting at a small-town high school — a premise that is, in many ways, very American — committed by a group of perpetrators wearing unicorn masks. Initially, authorities attempt to pin the massacre on three Palestinian custodians, but investigator Rami Davidi (played by Guri Alfi) knows there’s more to the story, especially after discovering a social media app called BlackSpace that the students were using to communicate with each other. Soon, Davidi begins to suspect that the shooting was actually an inside job, which sends him down a dangerous path.

It was recently announced that a BlackSpace Season 2 is in the works, although there has not yet been any more specific information released about the plot or cast members for the new season.

BlackSpace is just the most recent popular Israeli series that Netflix has acquired for its streaming platform. Two of the Israeli shows that Netflix has acquired in the past, Fauda and Shtisel, have both found success on the platform — in the case of Shtisel, acquiring a new international audience was actually the catalyst for making a Season 3.

Read below to find out more about BlackSpace Season 2.

BlackSpace Season 2 Plot

Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear what the plot of Season 2 of BlackSpace will involve. Watch this space!

BlackSpace Season 2 Cast

Despite the lack of information about Season 2 of BlackSpace, it’s possible that some of the main cast from Season 1 are planning to return for the second season — especially Guri Alfi, who plays investigator Rami Davidi. In addition to Alfi, the cast of the first season included Assi Levy, Reut Alush, Shai Avivi, Liana Ayun, Noam Karmeli, and Gily Itskovitch, as well as Hadas Jade Sakori (Apple TV+’s Losing Alice), Meirav Shirom (Fauda), and Yoav Rotman (Shtisel).

BlackSpace Season 2 Trailer & Release Date

Although a trailer for Season 2 of BlackSpace has not yet been released, we'll update this piece once it becomes available.