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Colin & Penelope’s Carriage Scene Has Bridgerton Fans Melting

Did he just...?

Colin and Penelope on 'Bridgerton.' Photo via Netflix

Nothing can titillate the Bridgerton fandom quite like the phrase “carriage scene” — except, of course, seeing it play out on screen.

In Julia Quinn’s book Romancing Mister Bridgerton, Colin and Penelope’s first intimate moment happens on a carriage ride roughly halfway through the novel. Given Season 3’s two-part rollout, fans were concerned about whether the pivotal scene would happen in the first batch of episodes (which dropped on May 16) or they’d have to wait even longer to see #Polin happen.

Fortunately, showrunner Jess Brownell knew what needed to be done. She recently told Bustle that the show “wanted to give people a little bit of juice before disappearing for a month.”

And juice, indeed! Fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to celebrate every detail of Colin and Penelope’s carriage ride, which has quickly become an all-time great in the canon of Bridgerton swoon.

The Music!

Fans often have fun picking the perfect songs to suit each Bridgerton couple, but few could have predicted that Mr. Worldwide himself would soundtrack Colin and Penelope’s first hookup with 2011’s “Give Me Everything.”

As Brownell told Bustle, “It’s such an unlikely choice. But the build of that song is so emotional. And for a relationship that has taken so long to come to fruition, it felt like you needed something really cinematic and dramatic.”


The unexpected tune quickly became the runaway hit of Bridgerton Season 3. As several fans noted, it’s the perfect choice for the culmination of Colin and Penelope’s long-burning feelings for each other. “Like FINALLY. Penelope & Colin lay it all out. ABOUT DAMN TIME,” wrote one user.

Another fan declared Polin’s Pitbull moment their new “Roman Empire” — which, same.

A Sweet Detail

Their carriage ride got hot and heavy very quickly. But fans pointed out that even being so flustered, Colin still made sure to fix Penelope’s dress and hair once they arrived at the Bridgertons’ house. “i love when a man can do both,” wrote one user.

“The way Colin kisses her ever so softly & proceeds to put her dress back on & fix her hair in such a gentle manner,” said another. “Penelope might’ve fallen first but he definitely fell way, way harder.”

A Surprise Proposal

After their moment of passion, Colin realizes there’s only one way forward. “For God’s sake, Penelope Featherington,” he says, beckoning her to leave the carriage with him. “Are you going to marry me or not?”

Many fans loved the impromptu proposal, and for those who weren’t quite feeling it, book fans noted it was pulled straight from the page. “Real Romancing Mr. Bridgerton enjoyers are being rewarded,” one reader said.



Several viewers also pointed out Colin’s expression of resolve before leaving the carriage. “You can see the moment he decides ‘I’m gonna propose to my best friend’ and goes for it without holding back,” as one fan put it.

Another said, “The way you can clearly see the moment it clicks for him and he decides what he wants to do next because for him it was so obvious.”