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Everything To Know About A Potential Challenge: All Stars Season 2

Casting will be about more than just athletic prowess.

Everything to know about 'The Challenge: All Stars' Season 2. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic)
Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Spoilers ahead for The Challenge: All Stars Season 1 finale. The first season of The Challenge: All Stars proved to be a hit among fans of the reality competition franchise. The Paramount+ show placed Real World and Road Rules stars in the Andes Mountains to compete for $500,000. Road Rules veteran and Challenge 2000 winner Yes Duffy ultimately emerged as the inaugural All Stars winner in June. With Season 1 at a close, it’s natural to wonder about a Season 2 confirmation.

Considering The Challenge has been on the air for years, it’s highly likely that additional seasons of The Challenge: All Stars will follow soon. In May, Bunim/Murray President Julie Pizzi stated on Us Weekly’s Watch With Us: Challenge Edition podcast that they still have “a lot of cast members that we haven’t tapped into that want to do the show.” That’s more than 100 former Real World and Road Rules cast members, to be exact, so the future of the show looks bright.

“My guess is that we’ll continue that [casting for All Stars] for a little while,” Pizzi added. “Then we might open it up as we go with success... People have reached out to us. It is, like, a wealth of great personalities that are willing to do it because they thought it looked like a lot of fun.”

There’s fan speculation over which fan favorites could make the All Stars cut for future cycles. Many, including Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Weston “Wes” Bergmann, were noticeably absent from the show. Vevmo has a forum dedicated to “early speculation” Season 2 cast picks, such as Brad Fiorenza (The Real World: San Diego), Jasmine Reynaud (The Real World: Cancun), and Teck Holmes (The Real World: Hawaii), who was actually a contestant on The Challenge: All Stars’ first season.

Followers on Reddit have also placed their bets on which Real World and Road Rules cast members they’d like to see on the second installment of All Stars. Bronwen Piglet “Piggy” Thomas (Road Rules: Down Under), Coral Smith (The Real World: Back to New York), and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin (The Real World: Back to New York) were all suggested picks.

The Miz’s name came up a number of times on Reddit, but as one fan pointed out, “I can’t see it happening really. With being under contract with WWE, I don’t think they’d allow him.” Still, anything could happen — Mizanin, who is a professional wrestler employed by the WWE, previously hosted Challenge reunion specials and returned to MTV in 2017 to host The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars.

When it comes to a potential replacement for well-established host T.J. Lavin, some proposed freestyle skier Johnny Moseley. Moseley hosted The Challenge for three seasons when it was known as Real World/Road Rules Challenge and four Challenge reunion specials.

With filming reportedly taking place in late summer, according to Screen Rant, only time will tell what lies ahead for a new season of The Challenge: All Stars. But one thing is certain: future All Stars competitors will be chosen for reasons beyond their athletic abilities. Pizzi confirmed, “The show is more than just a competition series. It is also a drama series; it’s a docuseries.”