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Twitter Loves Charity’s Mom On The Bachelorette Finale

“I need Charity's mom to vet my dates...”

Charity and her family on 'The Bachelorette' finale. Photo via ABC
ABC/Craig Sjodin

From the very start of Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette journey, her family has provided their input on her potential suitors — all the way back to her brother Nehemiah advising her against Brayden Bowers on Night 1. During the Aug. 21 Bachelorette finale, Charity looked to her family once again for guidance. “While I value everyone’s opinion, my mom is truly my best friend,” Charity explained upon reuniting with her family in Fiji. “So her opinion is everything.”

But as Charity soon learned, Vickie Lawson wasn’t so quick to share her specific opinions — instead encouraging her daughter to make her life-changing decision on her own. For viewers, though, Vickie was the hero of the evening: winning over fans with her loving skepticism of Charity’s romantic predicament (see: her facial expression when Charity said she was in love with both Dotun Olubeko and Joey Graziadei). “When Charity said what she said about being in love with two people, it makes me feel uncomfortable,” Vickie said in a confessional. “For Charity, ‘decisiveness’ is a word that she has to really get comfortable with in life.”

Indeed, it was a standard Vickie held her daughter to throughout the deliberation process. Naturally, viewers on Twitter reacted to every high and low — starting with praise for Vickie’s parenting approach.

Despite being reserved in her advice for Charity, Vickie did seem to express a preference for one suitor: Joey. She even said the pep in Charity’s step with Dotun “wasn’t as full-fledged as [she] saw” with Joey. Charity was shaken to hear her mom’s assessment — as were viewers, who empathized with Charity’s confusion. As @assenavmarie put it, “I think Charity knows deep down in her heart that she wants Dotun, so hearing her family prefer Joey is probably a gut punch.”

This led to an emotional conversation in which Charity tearfully pressed her mom for thoughts about who she should choose — but Vickie wouldn’t budge. “Deep down inside you, I believe you know,” she said. “But you’ve got to make that decision. Charity, you have to say it. You know.”

As @Lavendergeminis pointed out, it was very reminiscent of asking for homework help (er, answers) as a kid.

Despite the relatable frustration, viewers had nothing but love and respect for the way Vickie navigated her daughter’s sticky situation.

“I love that Charity’s mom is giving her space to be a big girl and make the decision on her own,” @nerdybird_99 wrote. And in hindsight, well, it’s safe to say Charity probably feels the same way.