Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Made An IG Video Teasing Babies In Their Future

The couple hinted at plans for kids with a viral TikTok challenge.

by Mary Kate McGrath

It might not be long between The Bachelorette and babies. Clare Crawley and Dale Moss hinted at wanting kids soon in a Jan. 2 Instagram video, using a viral TikTok trend to share their stance on starting a family. The couple did the "It's Tricky (This or That)" challenge, which requires participants to put two topics at the top of the screen and walk toward the one they relate to.

Crawley and Moss revealed some of their differences in the challenge, such as the fact that the former Bachelorette is a night owl, while her fiancé prefers the morning, and that he prefers to go out, while she likes to stay in. However, the video also revealed one important subject upon which the couple agrees. For the final "this or that," they put "babies" on both sides, and as Crawley danced to the side, she pulled Moss with her offscreen. On the way out, the former NFL player winked at the camera.

Moss, who posted the video on Instagram, wrote in the caption, "Just having a little fun." He added, "The ending," with a laughing emoji. The couple didn't clarify if the post was purely a joke or if it hinted at immediate family plans, but given that they have yet to set a wedding date, it's likely the former. Either way, it seems these two are eager to be parents at some point.

Crawley, who was cast as the lead on Season 16 of The Bachelorette, chose to leave the show early, after it became clear her connection with Moss was stronger than with her other suitors. The couple got engaged on the show, and in November, they opened up about their future on an episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. At that point, they had already discussed having kids.

"I talk about babies all the time and he’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s what I want,'" Clare told the podcast hosts. "I’ll remind him of things all the time, you know, ‘I’m not getting any younger!’"

The couple also confirmed they'd house-hunted together, and Dale told the hosts he's excited about settling down with the Bachelorette star. "This hasn't been a tough decision, as long as we're together that's all that matters," Dale said. "We're building a life, we're building a foundation."

And based on their recent video, babies will likely be a part of that life eventually.